3 Things to Know if you Love a Leo.

Someones birthday is coming in just 10 days!! Who you ask? Just one of the most amazing girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. ME! This should be no surprise that I am part of the most elite branch of the Zodiac. If you are lucky enough to love a leo here area […]

The Lost Art of Customer Service.

 I have high standards, and I am not talking about leaving a grammar error undetected on the blog. I am talking about for things that really matter. Like Customer Service when I go shopping. I started working at 15. I blame My Portuguese Immigrant parents who work like dogs, and my high school bff who […]

Who’s That Coming From Somewhere Up in the Sky?

 I feel like walking around with a toddler and a baby in his backpack is like having your very own care bear belly badge. I feel like a ray of sunshine out in the world when I am by myself with the two littlest ones in the brood. As soon as I buckle Last baby […]

Beaky Haters be Trippin.

 *In our family we call a pacifier a beak. When OG was a baby my Mom started calling his pacifier a beaky. It stuck in our family. We traded in what was once a shu sha to me. ( which I had till I went into Kindergarten btw) Into the word beak. I will not […]

Why Yes My Hands are Quite Full. Thank You For Noticing.

 Scrolling through face book today I came across a post from a  local business that hosts kids classes and sells a slew of fun kid stuff. It is a very cute place, unfortunately I have not found a class that suits Lady Babies need to power through life, and I miss Gymboree dearly! Moving on. […]

Is that Heartburn Really Incurable, or are You Just an Asshole?

 Lets preface this post with the whole I am not a Dr, and cannot tell you how to cure your heartburn, but I am a fat girl who has cured her own schpeal so peeps don’t get crazy. Before OG I was a victim of such bad heartburn I  was diagnosed with GERD, and started […]

Hulkamania Cannot be Erased.

Hulk Hogan was my first love. When I was eight I cried for about an hour in the bathtub after he Lost to The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania  6. Right  before he left to go make that terrible Nanny movie. I quickly rebounded onto the Undertaker, and when I think about my favorite Wrestler growing […]

Wicked Lazy.

I am lazy.   People who know me in day to day life will read that last part, and think I am insane. They will think it isn’t true, but it is. I am wicked lazy. Most days I would rather not have to leave the bed. Especially if there is a baby in it. […]

Yes, I Did Just Call You Fat.

 Have you seen it yet? The Old Navy fat shaming story. Well if you missed it you can read it here,  but I will recap. Rachel Taylor a plus sized girl is shopping for a tank top to celebrate the 4th of July. She is shopping at a messy table in between a Senior and […]

Everybody Gets a Trophy and Other Nonsense

This year I had an elementary school graduation, and a Kindergarten graduation. Of course in politically correct offend no one land they had to be called celebrations. “For the kids who did not get to move up a grade.” At home I told the kids it was their graduations. The majority of kids did move […]