Everybody Gets a Trophy and Other Nonsense

kid-with-trophyThis year I had an elementary school graduation, and a Kindergarten graduation.

Of course in politically correct offend no one land they had to be called celebrations.

“For the kids who did not get to move up a grade.”

At home I told the kids it was their graduations.

The majority of kids did move up a grade, but to spare the feelings of a few we rob our kids of feeling  really  accomplished.

But, handing out trophies for participating is completely acceptable?

So lets recap.

We cannot praise you for actually accomplishing something, because it might hurt someones feelings, and parents just have no idea how to get their Full House on and teach a life lesson, but you can totally get an award for just showing up….

Always avoiding the tough stuff.

My Kindergartner came home this year with a certificate for some Junior Achievement thing they did at school.

OG showed it to me and said I don’t really know what its for Mom.

He threw it out.

I tell these kids to not treasure these participation awards.

They are crap. They are fake.

They are contributing to this entitled, want more attitude.

“Success is not owned it’s rented, and the rent is due everyday.”

Childhood sets you up for your entire life.

I’m not about to cheat my humans out of what it feels like to really achieve something by jumping for joy over a participation award.

It’s selfish what we are doing.

We don’t want them to suffer.

We want them to always be happy. We want to make them smile.

Most of these participation award kids don’t suffer.

Will have no idea what it is like to ever really suffer as a child.

They live in a war free country, they are not in hospital beds dying of chid hood cancer, they have food, and indoor plumbing.

Feeling bad about not getting a trophy or staying back in Kindergarten is not suffering.

It is a character building opportunity.

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