Walking outside today is like being inside a real-life storybook. I was reminded of that feeling I would get as a little girl on a perfect blue sky day. That feeling that you are just a small charcter in a story written by God. A beautiful human being walking around in this marvelous setting he created. […]

You’re Pretty.

I can’t understand the attack on Princesses in our modern girl raising times. I get that we want our girls to grow into strong, smart capable woman. What I don’t get is how princess became a bad word at the same time. Watching the Disney princesses evolve from Cinderella to Moana has been one of […]

Hey Kid I’ll Bring the Ice Cream.

I listen to Wayne Dyer, Rumi, Ram Das, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Anne Lamott most recently. The one thing all these teachers have drilled into my head is that you have to heal something referred to as the inner child. I get how lame that sounds. I grew up in the early nineties for god […]

WCW: Mae

  I woke up this morning thirty minutes later than usual. On days where the Hubbs heads into Boston for work that means there is no time to lay in bed and say my prayers before heading out for my morning walk. Today I had to shoot out of bed and lace up my need to be […]

The Lost Art of Class

* Stupid pictures like the one above really interfere with my quest for inner peace. All my Wayne Dyer, and Hay House teachings go right out the window. I hope you enjoy or hate all my judgments about girls and inappropriate clothes. I have a serious problem with the length of shorts in 2016. Not […]

God Has No Religion.

I was raised in the Catholic Church by Portuguese immigrants. You may wonder why the Portuguese immigrant part makes a difference. Well, here is just one example for you. My Grandmother had the Holy Spirit come to her house yearly. He comes in the form of a crown and scepter. He is placed in the […]

People Without Kids.

There are two different kinds of people without kids. Assholes, and non assholes. I respect peoples choices to not have children. Children are not for everyone. HOWEVER, Allow me to share with you something in the clearest way possible. Until you have kids You don’t know shit about life with kids. I would love to […]

The Mommy Wars will Never End.

I hate this. We have this idea of ending the Mommy Wars,but we never ever will. Because of shit like this. This picture is a bold face lie. Regardless of your faith most people would call humanity a miracle, but it is bullshit when you tell me a kid is not a problem, burden, nuisance, […]

I Am Not My Hair.

As a little girl my Mom kept my hair as long as she possibly could. My second grade school picture my long straight black hair is down to my waist. I hated every minute of this long hair situation. Mostly because my Mom treated my head like it was not attached to any nerve endings. […]

Find Something Real to Fight for.

 I am high on my soap box today homies. Today is one of those discouraging social media days. The days when you scroll down your news feed and see 15 posts in a row about Tom Brady’s suspension being overturned. What I can’t possibly understand is why people find the need to care so much […]