Walking outside today is like being inside a real-life storybook.

I was reminded of that feeling I would get as a little girl on a perfect blue sky day. That feeling that you are just a small charcter in a story written by God. A beautiful human being walking around in this marvelous setting he created. I love these days.

Spring has finally sprung on the East Coast. Purple buds are forming on bushes, and yellow daffodils sprout out to say hello. A perfect back drop on this Good Friday.

Spring has risen.

I have been growing lately. Digging into my soul and seeing where we are meant to go. Something happened on social today that got me thinking I should give back a little, share what I have learned so far. I hate doing that you know.

I feel unqualified, conceited, and a shit load of other things that come for me on a daily basis.

But I’m not.

When you decide that the way the modern culture is going is unagreeable to you, you are going to feel an immense amount of pressure to conform.

You will feel it from people you never expected to feel it from. You will watch people you have loved deeply fall away from you.

Follow your, heart, anyway.

You will learn to mend that broken heart with the strings of grace and some days that will not feel like enough.

Just pray for more.

You will have complete strangers throw politically prompted statistics and websites at you if you publicly vocalize your opinions, and at first that will make your core shake, falter and immediately search for a way out. Maybe you can just say oh yes you must be right to avoid confrontation, or you could…

Stand Tall.

The world will come for your dreams. It will offer you Pop Tarts and Zoloftt in exchange for those nagging feelings that something is not quite right here.

Dont take the bate.

That small hushed up voice tugging from inside you is real.

Let those questions rise to the top of your heart, out of your mouth and find your truth. Never do what everyone else is doing because you are afraid you might be wrong, or you might hurt someone’s feelings.

Everyone else’s ego is not your problem. You have your own to contend with. I find that if you give people enough space, even if they use it to trash you it will only just show what kind of person they are not what kind you are.

Be Brave. Be still. Swallow your ego.

When the world gets too loud find a yoga mat.  Youtube a meditation. Find a God. Put on some music that makes you feel strong, find better people.

Whatever you do don’t give up. The world needs us.



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