The Mommy Wars will Never End.

babyI hate this.

We have this idea of ending the Mommy Wars,but we never ever will.

Because of shit like this.

This picture is a bold face lie.

Regardless of your faith most people would call humanity a miracle, but it is bullshit when you tell me a kid is not a problem, burden, nuisance, ect.

This morning I had to poop. I was wearing a miserable baby who was in no mood to be let out of his carrier, and had a toddler running into the bathroom every three seconds leaving a trail of glue behind her.

So, tell me again how wiping my ass while wearing a baby is not a nuisance!?

It’s this mentality that breathes life into the mommy wars.

The lies.

The truth is some days you are going to feel like this whole having kids thing was a mistake.

You could be naked on the sofa watching Netflix right now.

Instead you are ankle deep in kid land.

Why can’t we just say the truth?

I love my babies, and I am so grateful for their health and presence, but some days still suck.

Not every day is a day in fun sunshine land.

In order for us to end the Mommy Wars parenting has to become a no guilt zone.

I can feel exactly how I feel, and thats ok.

There is a HUGE difference between feeling the weight of having children, and sex trafficking them for drugs.

One you should feel like jumping off a bridge for, and the other is really just a normal thing that happens in life.

I am not a horrible Mother.

Lucky for me,I know that everyday, but how many woman struggle with that?

Good Mothers, beating themselves up because they felt bad about wishing they were kid free for just an hour, or they lost their temper, and yelled.

Lets stop trying to make each other feel bad about being real people with real feelings.

If you think your kid is an asshole today, and you would rather be drinking iced coffee in your bed then parenting keep your head up.

You are normal.

If you’ve googled how to dispose of a small body you aren’t.

We will stop the Mommy Wars when we stop attacking good Mothers.

Insecurity in our own parenting breeds this fake idea of perfection.

Babies can feel miraculous and burdensome at the same time.

You can be grateful and annoyed at the same time.

When will the fake reality trend die!?










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