People Without Kids.

blkwhitereedThere are two different kinds of people without kids.

Assholes, and non assholes.

I respect peoples choices to not have children. Children are not for everyone.


Allow me to share with you something in the clearest way possible.

Until you have kids You don’t know shit about life with kids.

I would love to smack these bouncy little twenty something year olds that comment on things they could not even begin to imagine.

For example I saw a video today of expecting parents shopping for a coffin for their unborn baby. The baby was diagnosed with trisomy 13 and the likelihood for survival is non existent.

They chose to carry the pregnancy to term, and spend the time the universe would give them with their child.

All these barely adult people commenting on how cruel and selfish they are.

Listen well Little assholes.

You have never felt a love so explosive that it could shatter every single thing you thought you knew about life.

No, your significant other does not count. You have no idea what kind of love I am talking about because you do not have kids!

The minute it pushes it’s way out of you, and someone puts their warm crying body on yours.

Whoever you were before that last push is dead.

You have no idea what it is like to stick your face against a newborns neck and find all the answers to the mysteries of life.

You have no idea what its like to sit at a 20 week ultra sound praying to every god ever imagined that your babies development is complication free. Praying that you get to keep your baby.

You have never seen your entire heart exist outside of yourself.

So shut the fuck up.

I cannot stand people without kids who constantly have something to say about people with kids.

There is no comparing life without kids to life with kids.

Life with kids has a richness to it that you didn’t even know existed until they came into existence.

Seriously, the meaning of life is trapped inside the crook of a newborns neck.

Yes, I did just say the richness of your life will never compare to a person who has children.

Granted a psychologically healthy persons richness. Broken people suffer with or without kids.

Yes, I am implying you will never know what kind of love can  really exist until you’re someones Mother.

Don’t believe me?

Go ask your own Mother.

Unless your Mother is an asshole.  Then go ask someone you respect who is a Mother.

Having a Baby Changes Everything.

I would also like to point out that carrying a doomed pregnancy to term allows you to openly grieve. You can openly share your sadness. Maybe even visit a small grave, or have memorial.

Aborted and late term miscarriages get dumped into hazardous waste, and you are left with an empty space that you can’t even talk about..

Who’s to say who you will be as a parent?

I’m sure the woman beating the shit out of her kids, or selling them for drugs didn’t anticipate that being her existence when she was a little girl pushing a cabbage patch around in her plastic fisher price baby  carriage.

How audacious of you to assume the universe does not have staggering heart break in your future.

Before you make any judgments on your future self as a Parent become one first.

Lord knows in the technology age, that is not going to happen.

So someone older in this ignorant social media groomed little shits life  please screen shot all their ignorant comments, and hand them to them in a baby book a week after they have their first child.










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