Find Something Real to Fight for.

enviornement I am high on my soap box today homies.

Today is one of those discouraging social media days.

The days when you scroll down your news feed and see 15 posts in a row about Tom Brady’s suspension being overturned.

What I can’t possibly understand is why people find the need to care so much that they feel the urge to post this victory on social media.

As if him getting off, and the Patriots winning the games he would have missed really means anything.

Like you actually won something.

15 posts in a row today about Brady, but nothing on things  like climate change, corporations poisoning humanity with chemicals in our food, and our everyday life.

Did you know the mascara you put on your eyelashes this morning for that pop probably has mercury in it?

Or the back pack your kid is walking into school with has ooddles of lead, phalates and bpa?

No, but you for sure know Tom Brady has beat deflateagate.

Days like this make me wonder how so many of us have drunk the Kool Aid.

How we just march on oblivious to the real things happening in the world.

Star struck by things that mean nothing.

For the most part I have set up my Facebook feed to not show me things I deem stupid as fuck.

Like anything celebrity, including sports.

The only thing that makes it through is Wrestling, because everyone has their vices, and hot sweaty men in spandex is my thing.

What makes me the most sad about things like this is

If society wanted to change the world we could.

If every single person  decided they have the power to stop the mass amount of injustice plaguing the country, and I am not talking about some whiny quarter back who clearly smashed his phone so evidence was hidden getting off.

I am talking about the straw you’re using to sip on your delicious ice coffee right now being laced with low levels of poisonous chemicals.

If we wanted to stop a real social injustice all we have to do is stop and pay attention.

Stop, and ask some questions.

Instead we choose to ignore things in the shadows, and focus on frivolity.

While time is wasted on a man making way too much money to throw a foot ball You miss the things that matter.

No one wants to post about those things though.

They are too offensive.

Is it lost on anyone else that we live in a time where everyone is so worried about offending each other, but they make little girls shorts the same length as underwear?

I am so confused.

Days like today make me want to drown my sorrows in a responsibly sourced Pint of Ben and Jerrys.

The days when you feel defeated, and like the world will never change.

Instead I will whine about it on this post, and urge you to go find some real injustice to take down.

There is a whole shit load of it  just waiting to be discovered.







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