Compassion is so Last Season.

kindness I had a social media friend post a pic of a sticker on a Walmart door that was basically reminding you not to forget your baby in the hot car.

People were pretty positive they would never do such a thing, and were asking who could possibly forget the baby in the car other than a bad parent.

This got me thinking about that Oprah episode where Brenda Salby said she was asked to drive her daughter to daycare, which she doesn’t normally do, and so she forgot, and drove to work instead.

The responses I found to that episode where venomous, and self righteous.

There are cases of negligent, homicidal parents doing this to a kid, but there are also stories of people just going to work.

Wrapped up in the bullshit business we have created for ourselves in this world. Doing what we think we are supposed to do to be part of society.


I have a theory about most things.

If it has not happened to me then I can not say shit about it.

I have driven the S curves on 95 and entered Massachusetts without remembering that I was driving on them.

I have been driving to the grocery store with Last Baby alone in the car, and I forget he is there until he yells at me for something.

It is times like those that I am grateful that my kids are loud, sleep hating shits in the car.

They would never let me forget them in a car.

Not all kids are like that though.

Some toddlers are so quiet you barley know they’re there, and that is in your own house while you are staring at them.

One thing is for sure in all these cases.

If you don’t have kids.

Sit the fuck down with your opinions.

You have no idea what it is even like a little bit.

And no, being the best Aunt, Godmother, friend does not count.

I do commend you though.

Not everyone comes around when you’re kidless, but your loved one has kids.

I think you are awesome sauce for being there for kids that are not yours…. but

Nothing is worse than a childless person telling me the things they would never do to their imaginary kids.

How about you have one first. Then come see me with all your ideals.

For those of us who do have kids that does not give us the rite to be so mean to people.

Everyone is just trying to live, and maybe that sticker on a Walmart sliding glass door will save two lives.

Maybe instead of saying I would never do such a thing ,we  could ask ourselves what if it happened to me?

We could all use a little tenderness.








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