Real Friends

real friends

My Daughter turned 10 early this year, and I noticed her start to change the way she treated her friendships. I of course turned to television for further guidance on how to pursue the matter of explaining the coming issues she would bring to me as this change becomes fifteen instead of eleven. Knowing in […]

Turning 40

  Turning 40 was well, I would say my welcome to the fourth floor was pretty rough. Let’s be real, every flipping welcome to adulthood moment has been rough for me, because I go through everything like I am falling through a huge plate glass window in the sky. All the charts in astro and […]

Here We Go Again

here we go again

We all do Stupid things we wish we would stop doing. Cue Here We Go Again from DMX, and mount up for another cycle of oh its this problem again…. I cannot tell you how many times your girl (me) picks up the four of swords and surrender to rest and sleep cards and then […]

It is Definitely an Energy Thing.


It is Definitely an Energy Thing Did you know that just walking by someone on the sidewalk for a moment means that person  is walking through your energy field? Stretch your arms out to the side. Imagine a circle as big as your arms can span and that is in fact your energy field. Ot […]

Passion on the Cards


The theme of Passion keeps coming up in my tarot readings. Passion on the cards. Reminding me that learning to read  your  own cards comes with so many annoying things. Like having to live with concepts you cannot understand yet. Things you dont want to touch yet. Safely stacked tucked away closets of things not […]

Feeling Good

feel good

I never feel good unless I am doing something right. What a strange sentence. Right to whose standard? Feels good to whose standards? The sentence is a trap. But, it is how I feel. I love being “right” not on subjects, or opinions that turn out to be facts later. I love being right to […]

My Marriage is Pretty Special.

marriage goals

My Marriage is pretty special. It always was something special, but before I lived Astrology I would get so mad at my husband for things that he still does, but look totally normal under the lens of  his birth chart placements. After Astrology I was like oh shit.-Im doing this wrong, but so right for […]

WWE Night Of Champions

this girl talks wrestling

 This is a This Girl Talks Wrestling Post about WWE Night of Champions WWE Night of champions should show the fans of WWE we are back to a Triple H era in time. Seth Rollins vs AJ styles- What a stunner. Wow. Thank You. Seth Rollins Gear was amazing, and the gold nail polish was perfect. […]

We’ve all got Ghosts

we've all got ghosts.

We’ve all got Ghosts. Ghosts linger in our energetic atmosphere, and not the kind that need salt and iron to banish. In reality all these horror characters are just our real lives crying out for a more dramatic reprise. People stay haunted by the ghosts of their trauma. Safe guarding our hearts by locking the […]

Healing is a Buzz Word that Sucks.

Healing is a buzz word that sucks.  Our human journeys are plagued with invitations to “heal” You ever notice that? Crystal healing, Energy Healing, Healing Arts. Even things not meant to heal and are riddled with toxic chemicals are marketed as “healing” Try this skin care product it will heal your insecurity about discoloration, and […]