Here We Go Again

We all do Stupid things we wish we would stop doing.

Cue Here We Go Again from DMX, and mount up for another cycle of oh its this problem again….

I cannot tell you how many times your girl (me) picks up the four of swords and surrender to rest and sleep cards and then asks

does vacuuming count?

Not just vacuuming either.

Surrender to rest and sleep, or finish  my current auido book while scrubbing the bathroom at 7:30pm.

Guess what I pick?

I like to do, and take care of many things so I have a lot of things to do, some things can be avoided  sure.

I do not need to indulge myself the satisfaction of a super clean bathroom, when an eh its fine would do, and I keep picking up rest cards.

But I -like all of us do things I wish I didn’t do.

I am the worst listener to my body.

What did you say darling body?

I didn’t notice as I drive you 100 miles per hour at hyper speed.

My body revolts- mind you.

I end up with crazy autoimmune issues that polarity therapy or acupuncture always settle down.

Put Here We Go Again on repeat.

I ended up with long covid -which had me fatigued  beyond any fatigue I had yet to experience, needing an inhaler for a while, breaking out in rashes, and  with serious sleeping issues.

A girl has to wonder if my body ends up raging on me in these ways because I missed the surrender to rest and sleep memos. At least this girl does.

The past few days I have gone out and left my phone in my bed right in the blanket fold of where I got up to leave, and I really think it is a sign from the lord that I  shouldn’t have left the bed.

However I still ask questions like surrender to rest and sleep, but does that mean no cooking dinner, or walking the dog?

Will I ever catch my body signs before it is too late and I end up sick, or will it always be here we go again.


I mean,I have reached the phase where I even notice that Vacuuming, bathroom scrubbing, dog walking, and dinner cooking can be left out on the days my cards are like hoe sit down and take yourself a cat nap.

The first step to changing anything is first acknowledging it is a problem.

I will obviously keep you posted on how the understanding my body’s first language is going  in between crystal healing naps

I also anticipate it not being the easiest climb down from choosing naps over all the other things I have stacked up to do in my life like

But I have plans?

The kids have a planned sleep over!

I have to -insert whatever it is you think you need to do until your body reminds you that it will do what it wants.

Onward my darlings.












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