It is Definitely an Energy Thing.

It is Definitely an Energy Thing

Did you know that just walking by someone on the sidewalk for a moment means that person  is walking through your energy field?

Stretch your arms out to the side. Imagine a circle as big as your arms can span and that is in fact your energy field. Ot and Around.

All day people in and out of it.

Strangers, kids, friends, clients.

I wanted to learn how to really control my own energy field.

To do that I first had to work on Witnessing life while trying not to get offended by the details.

Lately I think I have that lesson as down as I can for now….

Please remember my loves- there is no fixing, just a constant undoing.

An alert to a way we would not like to be ,and an invitation to alter it.

Forever and always.

Now I am working on recognizing what energy is mine and what is someone else’s.

You know how sometimes you feel fine, but then engage with someone else and are miserable right after?

Or how about not being hungry and you hang out with someone and all the sudden you want a grilled cheese, but you dont even eat those?

I wanted to have better control over these things happening.

The other thing I wanted to get ahold of was silent hearing.

I could never do this before because I had no idea where my energy started and another persons ended.

I had no idea it wasn’t my job to come in and hear all the silent things a person says without speaking, and then fulfill all their secret wishes?

I mean as a Venus in Leo this is my dream come true after all, so fitting into the mold of being this person was simple.

I was in fact raised to read the room for what was not being said, and act accordingly.

Not doing that anymore was, and CAN still be challenging.

First because I had to learn to not be offended by what was happening…. even though I knew deeply something was a miss.

Met with the no nothings, everything’s fine…… but I was always damn well knowing everything was not fine.

Learning that what someone wants to ask for, say, or share with me was none of my business until they spoke it -gifted me the ability  to see the corners of my own energy vs theirs.

This is where I am now.

I can sense where someone starts, and where I do.

It happened kind of suddenly after I learned to back up enough to see it.

So far this is all about the people we see everyday Jenika, but what about social media and entertainment?

I mean I  have no one I know visible on my personal social accounts.

It is all maximalist art groups and mushroom foraging.

I did this years ago because I think social makes us sloppy friends, but that is for another post.

I also do not watch the news, or any reality soaps- and stay off the celebrity gossip and fashion.

I think all these things are heavy influences on someones energy field, a constant race to compare and conquer.

To begin to see where you start and someone else stops- happens only when you stop trying to assimilate, and just learn to be.

Lately I like to sit with myself before I head out into the others, internet, or real life.

I like to Gage the vibe of my own energy before I subject it to the outside world.

Before bed I do my clearing and energy call back prayers.

I mean that is it so far.

I am just here, able to see the differentiation.

Praying, Energy Working, and hoping for the best.

The best way through is through vibes.

Grab the Crystals, or you can always come visit me on The Bright Side for some energy work, or at least a clearing spray. <3






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