Who’s That Coming From Somewhere Up in the Sky?

care bear stare I feel like walking around with a toddler and a baby in his backpack is like having your very own care bear belly badge.

I feel like a ray of sunshine out in the world when I am by myself with the two littlest ones in the brood.

As soon as I buckle Last baby in to his Ergo, and grasp Lady Babies hand I feel like we have a mission to make at least one person smile.

Unfortunately, as of late the world we have walked into has been full of super crotch bags!

Yesterday at the grocery store Lady Baby and I are having a conversation about dead fish that would make anyone walking by smirk.

We got cut off, and glared at for the pace we were keeping in the sea food aisle.

Sorry lady huffing by me for stopping near the whole fish, but my kid likes to know why there are fish with heads and eye balls hanging out in an ice bath waiting to be purchased.

Why don’t you wash down your cup of asshole with a side of chill the fuck out?

The other day Lady Baby and Hubbs were downtown grabbing bougie coffee from a hip coffee place before the kids had a hair cut.

They strolled by this older man sitting on the bench drinking a coffee, and reading a paper.

Lady Baby gleefully yelled hi  in her super cute toddler voice, and he looked up at her like a member of Isis just shot a hole in his news paper…

I feel like everywhere we go people are missing the opportunity to smile.

Everyone is in such a rush, They can’t be bothered by the simple mind of a toddler.

It’s a shame really.

The beauty of the world is inside the mind of a toddler.

Before it gets mucked up with expectation, and dissatisfaction.

They see everything behind a sunlit back drop.

Where is everyone off to in such a foul mood?

And, if you are in such a foul mood why are you in a rush to get there?

The world has sunny spots all around.

Waiting for us to slow down and notice them.

Just waiting there to fill your day with optimism.

Next time you’re out at the grocery store, and you see a Mom like me smile.

I bet your whole day will feel the radiating glow of a real life care bear stare.

Unless that Mom is looking frazzled and homicidal.

If that is the case walk away, and thank the gods for birth control.



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