Why Yes My Hands are Quite Full. Thank You For Noticing.

biggie Scrolling through face book today I came across a post from a  local business that hosts kids classes and sells a slew of fun kid stuff.

It is a very cute place, unfortunately I have not found a class that suits Lady Babies need to power through life, and I miss Gymboree dearly!

Moving on.

The Post was about questions people ask that hurt your feelings.

The poster said they find it hurtful when someone asks

“Well you have you’re hands full don’t you?”

I get asked this question a lot as you can assume.

Rolling through Stop and Shop with a baby on, a toddler in the carriage, a 6 year old holding the reusable bags walking way too slow behind me, and a pre teen who looks like an 8 year old looking super confused would make anyone stop and think good god in heaven why does that lady have so many kids, and not use Peapod!?

The answer to this question is simple.

I revel in the weeds.

I love to sit in the middle of a shit storm, and find my way out in a calm, orderly, efficient manner.

Whenever I’m out and about and someone comments on the stress level I choose to live in I just smile and say

“Yes I do have my hands full.” With a huge grin on my face.

The Truth is I would not have it any other way.

I thrive in the chaos.

Most importantly in regards to this posts question.

There should never be a question asked that hurts someone else’s feelings.

Most of us do have our hands full, because we made choices to live that way.

People have the right to ask whatever dumb ass question they like.

 We are in control of how we feel as we respond.


If you do not get your rocks off by living in the most chaotic way possible then make some different choices, but don’t get offended when someone comments on it.

The World is not blind.

You can always tell me I have my hands full.

All it ever does is stroke my big Leo ego.

Yes I do have my hands full, and handle it with so much style and grace I could be a Biggie Smalls song.

Stay Strong Home Slices <3




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