3 Things to Know if you Love a Leo.

leo-zodiac-live-wallpaper-859346-1-s-307x512Someones birthday is coming in just 10 days!!

Who you ask?

Just one of the most amazing girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.


This should be no surprise that I am part of the most elite branch of the Zodiac.

If you are lucky enough to love a leo here area few things you should know about us.


1. Our Birthday is the most important day of the year. No matter what we say.

A Leo’s birthday is a national holiday in their eyes.

Non negotiable.

You better break out the balloons and channel your inner Pinkie Pie form My Little Ponies.

If you have no idea what that means get on your Google game.

Not taking the birthday love seriously is a sure fire way to lose leo love.

I am not asking for a  billboard professing my birthday, but you better cut up some construction paper and make a card.


2. We are not all arrogant pricks.

I may be a touch on the arrogant side, but I am far from a prick.

Although some of my zodiac brethren have this backwards we are not all like this.

There is a big difference between being madly in love with yourself because you’re awesome, and being madly in love with yourself because you feel inadequate.

We get a bad reputation in this area, and I can see why, but you will miss out on some of the most amazing people if you allow one ad experience with a leo to form your opinions about them.


3. We are Loyal.

This stereotype is pretty true.

In  first grade I went to school with my cousin who happened to be gay.

He was still too young to know what that meant, but the other boys weren’t.

They would make his life a nightmare day in and day out.

Well one day first grade Janika came out of school and saw some of those losers harassing her cousin, and she ran straight for them swinging her back pack like a lethal weapon.

Don’t mess with the fam.


Rejoice in the leo season!

(quick before those straight line loving Virgos take over)

I hope you are lucky enough to know a Leo who embodies some of the wonderful traits that makes knowing us a blessing, and if you have only had the unfortunate experience of meeting those sub par leos I hope I can change your mind about us.






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