Yep. I Went There. “Police Brutality”

Yesterday a friend came over and  we were sitting on my sofa chatting about life.

She asked me what I thought was going on with all these Police brutality cases.

I try really hard not to watch the news especially the ones with videos of some poor woman’s child being murdered, so when my friend told me about the unarmed Michigan teen who was shot after he was tasered during a routine traffic stop I shuddered.

I asked the question we all ask.

Was the poor kid black?

Nope, he was White.

And all this happened to poor Devin Guilford in February.

As soon as I was old enough to pick my own music it was rap.

Not Drake rap.

Rap, Rap.

Music made by people living a lifestyle I could never imagine.

Out of the many things I learned from rap was the police and young  people have been at odds for a long time.

So I told my friend that I think this has always happened, but we just have more ways for it to be noticed.

Shit, it was 1993 when KRS one released “The sound of da Police. ”

You could blast that till the end of time and it would still be relevant.

I had not been struck with the desire to write on this topic until

Today scrolling though face book one of my friends posted this picture.

photo (7)  I felt my heart pounding like it does when I read something so ridiculous, and unjust  I want to spit fire.

And not just because the word kiddos is TERRIBLE, and makes me want to murder puppies.

How many high publicized cases have we seen this year where a police officer has crossed over the psycho bridge?

So because this 17 year old unarmed child from Michigan had some questions, and didn’t do what the police officer asked the first time means he must be an entitled brat so hey lets lay him on the ground arrest him for no reason, and then say fuck all that I will just shoot him!?!?

If this is the case then thank god the three times I was pulled over in my youth it was not by pscyho cops.

Because I was always the most disrespectful I could be.

Pulling me over for going 7 miles over the speed limit is not putting down the iron hand of justice, and I was a little spoiled princess.

Last I checked there is no law requiring me to be Miss Cheery Sunshine when I get pulled over.

However, it is looking like times are changing.

The problem with this topic is that every case is different.

Not all Police Officer’s have poor decision making skills, and not all delinquents get shot.

This election we are hearing a lot about this topic, and they all say hey lets make the cops wear some cameras….

Right, well this cop in Michigan did have a body camera on, and he clearly murdered this poor child and he is a free man……

So…. those cameras are sure making me feel safe.

Blue lights are supposed to make you feel safe, breathe a sigh of relief if you are in danger.

Unless you have a body in the trunk, or a house you turned into  a meth lab.

Before you post these hilarious little pictures talking about murdering a generation of entitled kids because  parents didn’t teach them respect please remember in adolescence we all make poor choices with our attitude, but that does not give the people sworn to protect us the right to shoot us in the back of the head like livestock.

That could have easily been anyones child.

I don’t go one way or the other on this topic.

You can’t.

It has to be a case by case basis.

There are some Police Officers who are real heroes. Doing good work.

There are also some kids living in shitty places who are not delinquents looking for trouble, even though the sag on their pants is below their ass cheek.

You can’t stereotype either way.

But, I sure as hell know without out a doubt that I am so tiered of  kids getting shot in the back by The Police.

Delinquent, entitled, black or white.





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