The Mommy Wars will Never End.

I hate this. We have this idea of ending the Mommy Wars,but we never ever will. Because of shit like this. This picture is a bold face lie. Regardless of your faith most people would call humanity a miracle, but it is bullshit when you tell me a kid is not a problem, burden, nuisance, […]

I Live for Myself.

When we do movie night we have to do a double feature. Lady Baby gets first choice, and she is all about Rapunzel these days. Listening to the tune “Mother Knows Best” The Hubbs says “Can you imagine having a mother like that?” I said sure. I know a lot of Parents who never wanted […]

Compassion is so Last Season.

 I had a social media friend post a pic of a sticker on a Walmart door that was basically reminding you not to forget your baby in the hot car. People were pretty positive they would never do such a thing, and were asking who could possibly forget the baby in the car other than […]

Find Something Real to Fight for.

 I am high on my soap box today homies. Today is one of those discouraging social media days. The days when you scroll down your news feed and see 15 posts in a row about Tom Brady’s suspension being overturned. What I can’t possibly understand is why people find the need to care so much […]

Benefits of Book Club.

*This post contains some book recommendations if you are in the market for a new story. When OG was just born an old work friend asked if I wanted to join her book club. I have always loved to read. Books where my first best friend. Spending a lot of years in elementary school as […]

Profound Thoughts on Sunflowers.

I love sunflowers. I love the way the orange and yellow combine to make a near perfect color. The way the center looks like the perfect place to see a honey bee keeping the world alive. Sunflowers are about the only flower that can make my heart ache with sadness when they die. They get […]

Why Questions and Life Lessons.

I learned something very valuable from this years birthday. I learned that blogging is self care. I have this aversion to writing. Like I was always meant to do it, but it seems so scary. I tell myself a million excuses as to why I just can’t simply sit down and write. I have no time. […]

The Dawn of the Age of Pinterest

 I love Pinterest. My heart beats with admiration every time I see one of those bento box lunches where the rice has made itself into some fun sort of animal. Even though I smile every time I see some really fun food shaped into a smile in a kids lunch box I can not free […]

Lonely Velcro

 Let me say that it is my Birthday week so posts might be a touch on the choppy side. I am sorry if you miss me, but absence does make the heart grow fonder right? Today I am heading to the beach solo with one of my favorite friends. No kids. Just two leo ladies […]

Yep. I Went There. “Police Brutality”

Yesterday a friend came over and  we were sitting on my sofa chatting about life. She asked me what I thought was going on with all these Police brutality cases. I try really hard not to watch the news especially the ones with videos of some poor woman’s child being murdered, so when my friend […]