My American Dream.

  Things shake out of me. Reverberating the bones of my chest on the way out, right at the spot where my heart is. I used to not pay attention, but I am trying to pay attention these days. I used to eat chips, I still do sometimes, and other times I think maybe the […]

Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned From Salt ‘N’ Pepa.

1:Opinions are Like Assholes and Everybody’s Got One.” Too many minutes were spent scrolling through social media a few weeks ago. Well last night too,  because Enzo was fired from the WWE, and the whole thing is such a socail media amatuer detective trap. Anyway, a  post from “Parenting” about Chrissy Teigen being Mom shamed […]

What to Read This Summer.

I know Spring just got here for us East Coasters, but as I sit on my back porch apricating, baby monitor by my side I feel inspired to share some easy, entertaining summer reads. Gillian Flynn: Gillian Flynn is the kind of author who gives me story envy . She is hands down my favorite thriller […]

The Lost Art of Class

* Stupid pictures like the one above really interfere with my quest for inner peace. All my Wayne Dyer, and Hay House teachings go right out the window. I hope you enjoy or hate all my judgments about girls and inappropriate clothes. I have a serious problem with the length of shorts in 2016. Not […]

This Girl Talks Wrestling.

One of the things people find most surprising about me is my adoration for professional wrestling. I was introduced to it by my parents who never missed a PPV, and it just stuck. I mean really every hypothetical famous person fantasy I have ever had centers around me as wrestler.  Her name is Faith, and […]

God Has No Religion.

I was raised in the Catholic Church by Portuguese immigrants. You may wonder why the Portuguese immigrant part makes a difference. Well, here is just one example for you. My Grandmother had the Holy Spirit come to her house yearly. He comes in the form of a crown and scepter. He is placed in the […]

How to Deal with The Polar Vortex in Your Life.

“8 Toxic People to Remove From Your Life.”  I can save you the trouble of reading it and let you know the count down. 1. Judgmental people 2. Envious people 3. Control Freaks 4. Arrogant People 5. People who love to be the Victim 6. Negative Nancies 7. Liars 8. Gossipers. Now these articles get […]

Oh Shit.

I am a firm believer that sadness, resentment, and disappointment are all feelings that we choose. Some things are for real sad, catastrophicly sad, Earth shattering zombie apocalypse sad ,and we should be sad about them for as long as we need to be in order to move on from them. However, most things are […]

People Without Kids.

There are two different kinds of people without kids. Assholes, and non assholes. I respect peoples choices to not have children. Children are not for everyone. HOWEVER, Allow me to share with you something in the clearest way possible. Until you have kids You don’t know shit about life with kids. I would love to […]