Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned From Salt ‘N’ Pepa.

MEandJAc1:Opinions are Like Assholes and Everybody’s Got One.”

Too many minutes were spent scrolling through social media a few weeks ago. Well last night too,  because Enzo was fired from the WWE, and the whole thing is such a socail media amatuer detective trap.

Anyway, a  post from “Parenting” about Chrissy Teigen being Mom shamed for posting a picture of her sliding down a slide with her daughter in her lap popped up.

 A “concerned” Instagrammer posting the dangers of slides, and Chrissy’s “witty” response.  The short soul sucking clip was open to both sides of the coin, showing the stats for slide injuries, and airing on the side of being pro Chrissy’s choice to post her very sweet photo.

 What we are calling being shamed is really just not learning to deal with peoples opinions about our lives.

The reality is you cannot be shamed unless you feel guilty.

Shame is defined with a quick google search as: a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.  

 If you are feeding your baby from a bottle, and a breastfeeding mom rolls her eyes at you, and you feel Mom shamed, that is not on her, it is on you.


 The Shaming movement feels  like the everyone gets a trophy movement.

 In the words of Nas. “No Apology on the issue if it offends you it’s meant to.” Paying attention to what sets you off is more powerful than hiding underneath the shame umbrella.

2. It’s a She Thang And it’s all in Me. I Can be Anything That I Want To Be. 

Oh 1993.
I had been serving as an alter girl for a year by then. The first time the Catholic church had EVER opened up this honor to the girls, and I jumped at it. I have always felt a duty towards femaleness, because I grew up a girl who understood female was considered the less than gender.

This Song was hope.  This song was fuel to keep pushing the envelope of womanhood. This song was validation.

The Me Too movement  has gained momentum, yet the number one song in America has a refrain that states over an addictive beat -I’ve been popping pills, and you know what to the hoes – man I feel just like a rock star.

 I wonder if America notices this oxymoron in culture?  Woman should be respected enough to not get treated like a sex toy, here for the pleasure of whomever wants to touch, but hoes in the club.
Still so long to go.
In the meantime  I wish “She Thang” would make it to SPOTIFY!

 3. Express Yourself.

“You know life is all about expression.”


 Stop explaining why you love the things you love, or  why you do the things you do when you feel good about it all!
That is of course until you are sitting around a table with a bunch of people who you love, but they don’t get you at all, so they twitch up thier eyes, and have opinions.
 If you are not proud of yourself then change your behavior! Do not under any circumstances let people who cannot see the vision deter you from what you know you have to do in this world.

The power belongs only to you.

  The next time you feel  bad about who you are because of someone else’s opinion, or maybe the urge to say you were shamed for your body, your parenting, your lifestyle choices comes up.
Find yourself some Salt ‘N’ Pepa.
You cannot make everyone happy you are not a taco.
Glitter Up lovers. xoxo


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