Hulkamania Cannot be Erased.

hulk hoganHulk Hogan was my first love.

When I was eight I cried for about an hour in the bathtub after he Lost to The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania  6.

Right  before he left to go make that terrible Nanny movie.

I quickly rebounded onto the Undertaker, and when I think about my favorite Wrestler growing up as a kid I think of him first, but I never forget Hulk Hogan.

Or my Hulk Hogan pillow buddy which was the shit.

This post is about  how Hogan got  his stupid ass erased from WWE history because of a personal video he made of himself being stupid.

Hogan is caught using the N word and being all around ignorant on the video taken 8 years ago.

I have so many problems with this, and none of them have to do with the comments he made.

Lets start here.

In many states through out the USA you have 7 years or less to report a sexual abuse related crime including rape.

Sorry Pal at year 8 the stature of limitation kicks in and you’re shit out of luck.

Lets get this straight.

In Hogans home state of Florida Sexual Battery with force or violence has only 4 years to be reported if you would like some consequences handed out, but this man has his privacy violated 8 years ago and gets erased from a  business he helped create?

That makes sense?

What someone says in the privacy of their own life is not my business. It’s not like the man said he had a sex slave trafficking ring, or several dead bodies in his basement.

The brand Hogan put out in his hay day was of  the most historic baby face the company has ever seen.

He never once in that brand made anyone feel like he was a racist.

He didn’t say hey kids take your vitamins except the black kids cause I can’t stand them.

He could have said he hated all children, and being Hulk Hogan in 1990 was the worst thing he has ever had to do in his life. He can say whatever he wants because that video was made off company time in the privacy of his own personal life, and years after he served any purpose in wrestling except a good history lesson.

More then anything how racist do you really think this 61 year old man is?

Well Home Slices, he is probably as racist as all the other 61 year old people who never really accepted race as equal.

That means I am going to talk a really big game in front of my mindless, stuck in an adolescent frame of mind, white friends, but if you put me in a room full of black people I am going to come out making friends.

The fight is always this. They shouldn’t teach hate.

We all teach hate.

I hate Soda and big Ag and I am sure as hell passing that down to my children.

Hulk Hogan taught a million kids to value themselves, and not one time did he make me feel like I should hate anyone for the color of their skin.

Finally WWE can suck a dirty penis. Acting holier than though in this situation.

8 years ago you could count the non white( or Samoan) people in the company on one hand.

This is a tale of the pot calling the kettle black.




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