Man Crush Monday: The Rock

Many years ago when the Rock saturated my television every Monday night for Raw I would barley notice. Not to say that I found him to be yucky, but I didn’t find him to be worth lusting over either. It wasn’t until a shaved head, and shoulder tattoo later that the Rock would make it […]

Gordon Ramsey: Man Crush Monday

Todays Man Crush Monday is not delicious because he’s sexy as hell, although some people may find Gordon Ramsey to be sexy as hell. I just happen to think he looks like a Sharpei. I LOVE Ramsey’s TV personality. I have no idea what the man is like in real life, but his impeccable standards […]

Man Crush Monday: Morris Chestnut

Obviously Morris Chestnut is one of Americas most delicious men. This post is short and sweet, because unless you’re blind there is no way you can’t understand why I would choose him. If you want to get caught up on morality the man has been married to the same woman since 1995. That is good […]

The Hubbs

I met Hubbs in 2002 when we were both working at Old Navy.  He says he still remembers the first time he saw me, but to me he was just another new hire. New hires rarely lasted at the time. They would hire ten people, and maybe 1 would still be there in three months. […]

Michael Pollan

This weeks #MCM  will reveal to you that My love for Men is not just perverted, and that I believe that our food system is broken and there is no moderation for poison. I wish I could say this is just my opinion, and there is not proof to back it up. I wish I […]

Dean Winchester

Before we Get into to this post let me make something very clear. Todays One Sided Love affair is with Dean Winchester NOT with Jensen Ackles.  I may be in love with the character he plays on the best show ever, but I am not in love with him. Character and actor are completely separate […]

Randy Orton.

              [fruitful_sep] Oh, Wrestling. Most girls look at me like I have lost my mind when I can dive into conversation about the world of Sports entertainment, but really what is there not to like? Mostly hot men jumping around half naked = YUMMY No other sport gives you […]