Michael Pollan

Michael_PollanThis weeks #MCM  will reveal to you that My love for Men is not just perverted, and that I believe that our food system is broken and there is no moderation for poison. I wish I could say this is just my opinion, and there is not proof to back it up. I wish I could say it is just a choice that I make to embrace my hippy existence, but  this is not just my opinion it is the absolute truth.  With that being said to each his own, but it is my hope for the world that we open our eyes to the injustice before we do any more damage.

Before OG Baby I was a regular plus sized American girl. Sucking down my Diet Dr. Pepper with a bag of cheese puffs.  When OG Baby was around 6 months old Hubbs mangelouand I stumbled upon Food Inc on Netflix. I cant say why we decided to watch it one night , but when it was over my life was never the same. 

Food Inc rocked my world in a very uncomfortable way. It turned everything about the way I ate upside down. It left me horrified, and pissed off. This is not one of those horrible look at how treacherously we can kill the livestock that you eat, and make you want to be a vegetarian for a month until you give into a hot dog that looked to good to walk away from documentaries.Food Inc is a Holy shit. We are being manipulated and lied to as a society by agencies that are supposed to protect us. We as an entire species are being sold out so some ill moral white guys can park their boats inside their yachts.

When I was little My Mom was a serious smoker.  I begged her to quit for years , but she only stopped when she realized that the tobacco industry had lied to her about how dangerous cigarettes really were. She felt duped and betrayed. That and a little hypnosis did the trick and she never picked up a cigarette again. That’s how I feel about Industrialized food. What these companies are doing to us is outrageous , and most of us have no idea its happening! The web of this god awful betrayal is so large it is weaved into every single thing we put in our grocery carts. We are being poisoned for financial gain. When our children take over the world this story will be just like tobaccos.

Remember the time manufactured food tried to kill us and lied about it. 

Michael Pollan asked himself one simple  question. Where does our food come form? What he found out is terrifying, and important. We can’t do better if we don’t know better. 6 years after watching this movie I am still just an overweight American girl, but this back fat is fueled by grass fed butter, and pastured eggs not drive thru garbage.

If you’re a reader cope yourself a copy of Omnivores Dilema. If you’re a Netflix binge eater check out Food Inc. If Netflix isn’t your thing and you are looking for a movie night rental it is on Amazon instant video. 

Of coarse if you like being lied to feel free to carry on.

Have a delicious Monday!


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