Dean Winchester


Before we Get into to this post let me make something very clear. Todays One Sided Love affair is with Dean Winchester NOT with Jensen Ackles.  I may be in love with the character he plays on the best show ever, but I am not in love with him. Character and actor are completely separate entities. If I saw him in real life I would high tail it in a different direction. I like my illusions the way that I like them.

I got into Supernatural doing cardio at the gym.I had tried to watch the first episode at home.  All the seasons are streaming on Netflix for all you curious newbies.  It looked like a show I could get into. I was pregnant with Lady baby and on the treadmill. I hooked my headphones into my Roku remote and  within ten minutes of episode 1 I had to shut it off because I was creeped out.  I gave up for a while and then one day I was flipping through the channels on my arc trainer at the gym and found it on TNT. Watching it at the gym with a million other people around me made me less scared.

Once Lady Baby was born I was in deep into the fog of my Supernatural obsession. We spent countless hours snuggled on my bed watching it. It replaced Buffy The Vampire Slayer as my favorite show of all time ever, and although the show works like a well oiled machine with all the characters together I don’t think I could have loved it if there hadn’t been a Dean Winchester.

Broody, Witty, self righteous, in love with his car, and good. The perfect kind of douche bag.  Whenever I hear Bon Jovi  “Blaze of Glory” I think of Dean Winchester. He’s the bad boy with all the potential, but in this  case the potential is real and not something you fabricated in your own head.   Deans been Dead, in Hell, and more recently a Demon. He is the quintessential tortured soul.

I am a serious fan. T shirts, magnets,slippers. Dean and Sam Winchester were even invited to Last babies and dean  I could have died when my friend Jen walked in with life size boxes. The Hubbs even let them live in our bedroom for a while.

Supernatural as a whole is a great show. The character development is spot on. It will make you laugh, cry, and if you watch too many in a row not want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night alone.  It’s going to be a dreary day in Little Rhody. If you get started now you can be on season 3 by sundown.

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