Randy Orton.

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randy Orton









Oh, Wrestling. Most girls look at me like I have lost my mind when I can dive into conversation about the world of Sports entertainment, but really what is there not to like?

Mostly hot men jumping around half naked = YUMMY

No other sport gives you what wrestling does. Tight spandex over an Ass like Kurt Angles are pictures dreams are made of. For God sake someone dedicated an entire twitter page to it, but I digress. Kurt angles ass can be for another #MCM.

Football has some lookers, but you cant tell unless they do a half naked sports cover. Every Sunday they slam into each other fully padded. Baseball pants aren’t my thing. and neither is baseball. I feel like I lose a lifetime sitting thru one game.  If basketball would not just throwback the jerseys, but the length of the shorts it might be a good contender.

On this First installment of my #MCM  we are talking about the “VIPER” Randy Orton.  When Orton first stepped onto the scene he was 100% a but-his face. Not to say someone out there wouldn’t find him to be handsome, but most certainly not my style. I fell in lust with Randy Orton from the waist down.  Honestly, for a long time Im pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to recognize Randy Orton unless I was staring at his crotch in  black spandex.

I don’t know where to begin. The way he sashays down the ring, and then stands on the tight rope, arms out stretched, lean body glistening in the lights looking  like  captain douche bag is breath taking. We also can’t by pass the hottness that radiates off the mat when he gets ready to deliver his finishing move the RKO. Fist slamming, body jumping deliciousness.  My favorite has to be when he walks around in a t shirt and his wrestling panties. The t shirt always rests on the most perfect of spots. The inappropriateness of my thoughts is maddening.

The game changer that took Orton from but-his-face to holy shit that man is fine was the simple act of  not shaving his facial hair…. STOP IT.  He suddenly became one of the sexiest men I have had the pleasure of watching on TV. As long as he doesn’t shave Randy Orton is most certainly a worthy #MCM


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