Magic with Toilet Paper Rolls.

On Tuesdays the Hubbs heads out of the house for a contract job he has. Since we only have one car that leaves me house bound with a 26 and 3 month old. Im going to share some of the things we do on Tuesdays to stay sane.

 photo 1

1. Pom Pom’s and Toilet Paper rolls:  My Toddler likes to drop the pom pom’s in and then go looking for them.  We talk about colors, textures, and size. With a toddler I just like to let them have fun and talk about academic aspects of an activity in a very casual way.  I like to use my Ikea magnet board to keep the pom poms from rolling under spaces never to be seen again.

photo 3 (1)2. Foam Stickers and Toilet Paper Rolls:  Sometimes I will stick a different shape sticker on the toilet paper roll and we practice sorting. She will eventually rip them off and we sort without the rolls. This is a fun one to work on shapes and colors with, but you could use almost any foam stickers and work on sorting.

photo 4

3. Melissa And Doug Blocks!  By all means use blocks you have. I find these blocks were a great investment. They keep my toddler occupied the longest since she is just stacking things not trying to fit pieces together.  She also loves to stack it high and watch it fall. These are heavy blocks keep your younger child at least a foot away. We also trap OG babies action figures and use the new baby to rescue them.

4. DANCE PARTY:  about 30 minutes until New Baby needs to eat we have to wrap him up and get our groove on. The Maya Wrap makes my life so much easier.

 I hope some of these activities brighten up not just your Toddler Tuesday but every day!



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