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I met Hubbs in 2002 when we were both working at Old Navy.  He says he still remembers the first time he saw me, but to me he was just another new hire. New hires rarely lasted at the time. They would hire ten people, and maybe 1 would still be there in three months.

He made it past the three month mark, and so I started to acknowledge him at work. I quickly got the impression that this boy could fall madly in love with me, but  I had no interest in being with a boy who could fall so madly in love with me that I could run over his foot and make him believe that he was at fault.Up until that point in my life I had a really bad track record with nice guys.

Lucky for both of us he was seeing someone, and most of the time we spent talking about how he could make her happier since she was usually pissed off at him.  These conversations solidified his place as that really nice guy who falls in love with beasts, and I did not want to be added to that list.

When he left Old Navy we still stayed in touch. Random movie dates, and Instant message chats. Then one day in May 2005 he came into the store to say hi. He told me he was graduating from college and was applying to jobs all over the country. I made some flirty remark, like well I guess I will have to occupy all of your time this summer.

I always flirted. I had even used him a few years before to make another boy jealous. Lucky for me Hubbs is oblivious to flirting so he neverrrrrrrrrr picks up on those kinds of things. Seriously, I cannot even begin to relate to you how difficult it was for me to get him to realize I wanted him to be my boyfriend. Maybe that fateful May day the timing had just become right. I don’t know, but I did spend every available moment with him that summer, and every summer for the past ten years.

Love is muscle it grows when you put the work in, and thats what we did.  When I think of all the years I hopefully get to spend with this Man I honestly don’t know how I will ever find the room in my heart to love him more then I already do.When we got married I loved him, but it wasn’t like this. I loved him then because I knew we could grow into this. Plus I knew getting him not to love me would be damn near impossible. I am a touch crazy so that was an important quality.

He is the boy I conjured up in my adolescent fantasies. He loves me when I’m boarder line unlovable. He laughs at me when I turn into a PMS Monster. He tells me I’m not dying when I have a hypochondriac meltdown. He never gets jealous of my hypothetical fiction boyfriends. Shit, he even let me keep my life size cutout of Dean Winchester in our room for a while. He will wake up and double check that the doors are locked. He even comes to the bathroom with me when I’m scared because I’ve stayed up late and  watched too many Supernatural episodes.

He was the first person to teach me that home is not a place, but a person. No matter how perverted I might be Hubbs is, and will always be my most favorite man crush monday.





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