Sasha Banks

I have loved professional wrestling for as long as I can remember. Since the days of Saturday programming where I dreamed of being like Sunny, but with the capability to kick someone’s ass for real. My first heartbreak came at the hands of Hulk Hogan, long before he made the most awkward sex tape ever, […]

WCW: Mae

  I woke up this morning thirty minutes later than usual. On days where the Hubbs heads into Boston for work that means there is no time to lay in bed and say my prayers before heading out for my morning walk. Today I had to shoot out of bed and lace up my need to be […]

WCW: The Older Cousin.

  I would not consider myself impulsive. Quite the opposite really. I’m kind of uptight, and rigid. The Hubbs likes to look at me with this sparkle in his eye that looks like magic when he thinks I have done something impulsive. Like when I book a long weekend trip to visit my cousin who […]

WCW: Joy Turner

From 2005-2009 NBC graced us with a hilarious thirty minute comedy called My Name is Earl. If you haven’t watched it yet, or just forgot how hilarious the show is don’t fret. Netflix has all the seasons available for your streaming pleasure, and if you still don’t have Netflix well thats is just crazy. My Name […]

WCW: Lady Baby

Lady Baby is most certainly my favorite Woman Crush Wednesday of all time. I love toddlers. I love their inability to fit their emotions in themselves. So when they are sad, mad or disappointed it comes pouring out of them and onto the floor. I love to listen to her string sentences into paragraphs. We […]

Woman Crush Wednesday: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 To celebrate my 50th blog post I decided to spend some time shouting out my lady loves. The first one being a fictional character, whom I can never get enough of. Buffy The Vampire Slayer! When Buffy originally aired it was before the DVR era. We were working with a VCR. Just using the acronym […]