WCW: Lady Baby

ladybabyLady Baby is most certainly my favorite Woman Crush Wednesday of all time.

I love toddlers.

I love their inability to fit their emotions in themselves. So when they are sad, mad or disappointed it comes pouring out of them and onto the floor.

I love to listen to her string sentences into paragraphs.

We sit on her bed together as she schools me on all they ways she sees the world from her little view point.  Then she tells me no more snuggling, and to go away. (Like Mother like daughter.)

I love seeing pieces of her tucked inside her two year old self that will be with her forever. Her ball busting tendencies for instance, or the way she wants to help every single thing that is in distress.

Every time we hear an emergency vehicle she lets me know that when she is a grown up she will help them herself.

Something about a toddler can make the simplest tasks magical. She reminds me every day that the world is made of wonder.

I love watching her chase OG around the house, laughing, and screaming, and crying when she can’t climb the ladder of his bed, because she is still too little.

I love coming into the living room and seeing her laying next to Last Baby on his play mat. She gets him to laugh,then gives him kisses. When she catches me smiling she tells me she is  protecting him from all chocking hazards, as if she really knows what that means at all.

Lady Baby is a truck in a dress. She will put on all her accessories and then go outside and chase frogs through the grass.  Already at 2 and a half you can’t tell her anything. You can see behind her soft green eyes that she has to believe it herself if she is going to listen to you.

I love that she still lets me baby her. I will scoop her up over a small bump, and let her sit in my arms for longer than she needs too. I tell her she is ok, but not so ok that she doesn’t need to stay bundled up in Mamas magical wound healing embrace.

She can run to me as long as she likes.  One day she won’t need my kisses to be her placebo effect.

I love Mothering Toddlers, and maybe Lady Baby won’t always be the easiest, but she will always be my number 1 WCW



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