WCW: The Older Cousin.

This photo was a series of selfies. This one was “Angry Dog Face.”


I would not consider myself impulsive.

Quite the opposite really.

I’m kind of uptight, and rigid.

The Hubbs likes to look at me with this sparkle in his eye that looks like magic when he thinks I have done something impulsive.

Like when I book a long weekend trip to visit my cousin who just moved way too far away from me.

I sit there in bewilderment of how he can think the act of booking plane tickets a few months in advance to visit my soul sister is at all impulsive, and then I remember he is as uptight as I am.

My cousin moved all the way across the country a month after I had Last Baby.

Selfish Much!? 🙂

Moving on.

My cousin and I had a bumpy start.

By bumpy I mean she was the meanest kid ever!

Our Moms are sisters, and we are only children.

Cue the built in best friend status.

In all honesty even back then when she would get me in trouble, and refuse to play the Adams Family Board game with me, laughed at me when my treasured blue parrot named after a fifth grade crush was murdered by a cat.

I still loved her.

She is why being an only child wasn’t lonely.

She would admonish my coloring skills and remark on how neat her’s was in comparison.

She would brave driving in my big blue princess Jeep where I ran over mailboxes,and backed up into my high school boyfriends car…. a lot.

She would cynically smirk at me when all I ever had to say about my accidents with inanimate objects was “Oopsie.”

She was the first person I looked for at a family function, The first person I thought about telling anything to really.

She made me play countless hours of Mall Madness, and together we created Applebees before the chain emerged.


As sad as I am that she is embarking on this beautiful life affirming adventure I am still really excited.

We get to send each other mail like pen pals.

Our letters ending with a game of MASH.

We get to go on trips to see each other, and most of all we have to put in an effort to sustain our one of a kind friendship.

I think if she had never moved we would never really understand how much we really do mean to each other.

It’s that you can’t really appreciate what you have everyday kind of thing.

It is a very interesting feeling to exist in a place where a piece of your heart is 3,00 miles away.

Good practice for when I watch these babies spread their wings and take flight.

If you’re BFF is also your WCW, and you can drive 20  minutes or less to tell her you love her make sure you do, because life takes us all over the place, and you never know where you’ll end up.





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