Sasha Banks


I have loved professional wrestling for as long as I can remember. Since the days of Saturday programming where I dreamed of being like Sunny, but with the capability to kick someone’s ass for real.

My first heartbreak came at the hands of Hulk Hogan, long before he made the most awkward sex tape ever, and got himself banned from the brand he put on the map, while simultaneously proving that my taste in men was very questionable in my youth.

Wrestling has, and still does ignite a fire in my soul that is borderline embarrassing and undeniable. It has shown up for me in my life when I needed to be inspired most, and it waned when  the women’s division belt turned into butterflies.

I had been on hiatus for years. In truth all the fine men in spandex can only get me so inspired. Not trying to take anything away from Randy Orton when he stands on that top rope like a golden god, but as a girl who bumped Salt N Pepa like they were a religion I needed some girl power.

I found Sasha Banks and my passion for wrestling fandom again on the night I have the most adult fun of the year. One of my favorite married couples hosts a Royal Rumble party. Every guests brings ten dollars and has a chance to pull a number out of a  gold Bingo cage. If your number wins the Rumble you win the pot.

Sasha Banks is woman crush Wednesday everyday. Watching this woman perform is an honor that wells me up with gratitude every time I see her. At twenty five years old she is well on her way to being the Greatest Women’s Wrestler of all time, and I get to see it first hand.

She makes all my little girl wrestling dreams come true.

I also get to watch the way the business treats her.

Sasha Banks is the G.O.A.T. Only a fool hearty moron caught up in a mess of ego for their own personal favorite will tell you it is not true.( I could also be one of those morons, but it is my blog sooo)

The woman makes every person she stands next to look better, and Lord knows they use her for it. Last Monday she faced Paige after Paige had been missing for 18 months, out on injury, and Britney Spears 07 problems. I had a feeling Sasha would lose, and I hoped it would be because of outside interference, but I was still left with that uneasy feeling wrestling often gives me concerning her character.

Creative gave her good motive to turn heel, or they are all filthy idiots.

If the mature beyond her years woman who plays Sasha Banks ever reads this- I hope you always find the strength to keep kicking ass. Thank You for the inspiration.


If you are not watching Wrestling you are missing out homies. Fine dudes half nude, and girls that make superheroes come to life.

Make sure you shout out your #WCW. Spread Love.




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