Woman Crush Wednesday: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy-Summers_season_seven To celebrate my 50th blog post I decided to spend some time shouting out my lady loves.

The first one being a fictional character, whom I can never get enough of.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

When Buffy originally aired it was before the DVR era.

We were working with a VCR. Just using the acronym makes me feel ancient. All the cool people know a VCR  only came in handy if you had multiple Tv’s, or you had to work during your shows.

Can you imagine?

That year I chose to pick up Dawson’s Creek instead of Buffy.

I was the epitome of angsty Teenager (and Pacey Whitter is a god.)

I have no regrets about not choosing Buffy, because when she entered my life the series was nearly finished and I had DVD box sets to fill my days.

Life before streaming TV was terrible in hindsight.

I was introduced to Buffy with the musical episode. Once More with Feeling season 6, episode 7.

I was hooked.

I started all the seasons from episode 1 the very next day.


I love Buffy, and even though she is not my favorite female on the show she is still the cats pajamas.

She falls in love with the same thing she’s fighting.

Always does the right thing

She is an honorable heroin.

Head down fighting the good fight, but still  aware of all the things she is missing.

She would rather not be responsible for saving the world on a regular basis, but she still gets the job done, and has  a sarcastic comment waiting at the end of it all.

She is flawed in all the right ways.

Some Buffy fan out there who is into screen printing should really make a WWBD? shirt.

What Would Buffy Do?

Buffy fans all over ask themselves that question in tough situations.

She reminds us to do what we know is  right even if we don’t want to.

This girl killed her first love, sacrificed her own life twice, and came back fighting every time.

Her perseverance alone makes her the kind of girl you want your daughter to look up to.

I intend to introduce Lady Baby and the rest of the brood to Buffy. In hopes it will make their young world view more socially responsible then the current trend.

I know they will tell me the monsters look fake, the clothes are atrocious, and I might even photo document their faces when they see a 90’s computer, but the show is still ground breaking work.

It is also a great representation on how to be a girl.

Buffy is the perfect combination of pretty and substancy… Just like me.



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