Real Friends

real friends

My Daughter turned 10 early this year, and I noticed her start to change the way she treated her friendships. I of course turned to television for further guidance on how to pursue the matter of explaining the coming issues she would bring to me as this change becomes fifteen instead of eleven. Knowing in […]

That Mom Life

that mom life

This May something monumental is happening in That Mom life for me. My OG baby is no longer going to be a homeschooler. Heading off to Freshman year. HIGHSCHOOL FRESHMAN!!!! This homeschool letter will not include his name on next years approval, off into the world he goes. So in honor of this moment in […]

My First Mothers Day in the Dead Mom Club

dead mom club

My first Mothers Day  in the Dead Mom club fast approaches, and though I try to release the importance of hallmark holidays I know this one will wash over me like an ocean tide.  Truth be told my Mother on Mothers day was always a risk. Her mood on every holiday  Depended on her own […]

Thirty Five and a Half-almost

In a few weeks, I will have a 16-year-old, a 9-year-old, a five-year-old and a three-year-old. My heart aches. I can feel all the muscles in my heart tense up every time I let the weight of that statement rest on my shoulders. As I dramatically deal with this closing season of my life, like […]

Your Heart is Three Dimensional and Other A-ha Moments.

Remnants of motherhood are scattered around my cream “Debbie Does Dallas” leather sofa. Don’t judge me too harshly, it was the floor model and more than half the price of the chocolate one I wanted. A Biddy Baby American girl doll named Rachel, whose black painted on hair is scratched and worn with the love […]

Parenting, the Days are Long the Years are Short.

I  sit in the middle of perfect chaos and beg to tuck all of it away in my mind. Nestle  it quickly into the crevices of my soul so I will never forget. I never want to forget these days of following after a toddler monster through the halls of the children’s museum. Breathless, and […]

Middle Child

Today I felt like a bad Mother. Not for the  typical reasons one might think a stay at home mom would think she is a bad mother. I was a badass stay at home mother today;I baked muffins, made an obstacle course, snuggled up and watched Bubble Guppies, had a lively dance party that included […]


I do not like to share my children. To the point that I want to pull OG out of school and home school the rest of the year, because I find  his first grade experience thus far to be lack luster. My child does not need to spend 6 hours in a loveless place. My […]

I Live for Myself.

When we do movie night we have to do a double feature. Lady Baby gets first choice, and she is all about Rapunzel these days. Listening to the tune “Mother Knows Best” The Hubbs says “Can you imagine having a mother like that?” I said sure. I know a lot of Parents who never wanted […]