That Mom Life

This May something monumental is happening in That Mom life for me.

My OG baby is no longer going to be a homeschooler.

Heading off to Freshman year.


This homeschool letter will not include his name on next years approval, off into the world he goes.

So in honor of this moment in That Mom Life I would like to go back into time and tell myself a few things.


Girl….. Do not create school at home.

That is so stupid. 

Do not think that just because folks homeschool too they don’t suck.

The bed really is the best place to homeschool from.

Relax, you psycho.

Love you always and forever.


If you mother- homeschool or not please here me when I say to you-


Babies and your youth don’t keep.

If only I knew this truly before I had no more of these things. 

My kids are def not little kids now.

Beautiful too is my day filled with doing interesting things that don’t include figuring out how to stay awake, or shower, or  how not to get peed on.

But, I remember a girl back then too concerned with what it was supposed to be.

What it looked like.

I wasted a lot of time feeling bad for living the life of a stay at home, homeschooling mom. 

I just wanted and want to still  live a life with my kids where they were home more with me than out in this shady clout chasing shit show of a world.

I just wanted to hold my kids close when the world might want to put them in situations they shouldn’t have to be dealing with before they have their first period or erection.

People didn’t get that though-they wanted to know if my kids had to take tests to prove they might know anything at all……

These days my kids are in the place five years ago I could only dream of.

 The days when  my three year old was still stealing mommy’s adult toys from under the pillow of her bed to stick in the baby doll crib….

Now, I mention someone on wrestling having a nice bum and it is a voracious, ewww !gross!!

If they only knew….

More independent they are- yes, yet so much ruder to me.

Gone are the I love you Mom as they trail behind me into the bathroom.

These days I am ready for the world to prove to them how great I really am.

In increments of course, last baby is still very immature, and with an Aries moon I think I  will have a slow to start kid in him, while lady baby loves summer camp every day gone, and on the weekends her vibrant social life is caught up on, and OG baby -well, he’s is getting kicked out of the nest, because he is so capable, yet so afraid of everything. My little Pisces moon man.

I wish I knew then that I knew it all already.

I never had anything to prove.

I wish I knew then that I had it all.

I wish I knew I already was everything I was ever dreaming to be.

We waste too much time trying to be more, instead of just being, and I hate that I was that way.

Seems like I should get one more miracle baby to have for myself from the universe…

I would never let anyone else hold that baby either,

Like, um no -this child is actually part of my flesh sir, go away.

But, my own baby years are over for me, because my poor husband can’t take anymore of these wild humans- so he says, and my ultimate life goal this lifetime is aging next to him.

So, I will tell you all the ones rushing to post, to fit into a bathing suit, to be who you were.

You will never be her again so stop rushing to get back to what is over.

This is you now.


Soak it up.

Also, go make you some old mom friends like me if you are saying in your mind-

This bitch, telling me to soak it up.

We will hold your babies.

Make you sensory bags, and seek and finds.

Cook you dinner.

But don’t rush to fit in either, just breathe, worry less about it being clean, and ask your guides to align you, you know what I  mean?

You got to chill.

Wrinkles are just a few years away.

Trust me.

This bitch already been there and done that.

Also, I have read 287 books in the past three years.

You will get back to you.

Ease on down the road is all I’m saying.





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