Why does this Matter?

Cargo-Shorts-for-Men-277x300I am a fan of this whole boys embracing girls stuff era.

I like that we are not being harpies about gender.

The unfortunate part of this move towards androgyny is the boys will now be forced to suffer the dreaded cattiness of  fashion comparison.

The ball keeps on rolling toward a world full of shit that doesn’t matter.

The boys left behind on this trend of fashion forward male are now subject to criticism, because they have yet to adopt the fashionisto mentality.

I prefer my boys to look like they take about 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning.

As long as the shorts match the shirt then whatever.

I like boys with rough hands, and un-manicured facial hair.

I do not like pretty boys. They make me feel weird.

Shermar Moore for instance gets the ladies swooning, but he is entirely too pretty for me.

Although pretty is not my style, a lot of girls are loving the new fashion forward male.

That’s great.

The whole movement is great, but with anything positive comes the screaming black hole of the down side.

We have an opportunity to change something so much bigger then a choice to wear something not stereo typically assigned to your gender.

I don’t care if boys want to wear pink, bedazzled denim vests, cargo shorts, or silk panties.

 It does not matter what we wear because we are all people just trying to get by.

Instead we are turning into mini Kanye Wests.

Judging each other by our fashion cred.

Who gives a rats ass if you want to wear cargos shorts?

Please let us continue to add to our collective need to care about shit that means absolutely nothing……

Whether you’re wearing the latest pastel plain front short style, or rocking the 90’s loving cargo short they were both probably made by a very poor person working in disgusting conditions.

How about we care about that instead of style?


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