Sleep Fighters are a Real Thing.

nashnap I read an article once that said babies do not fight sleep.

It was a real life Doctor who said this.

He said that babies do not fight sleep.

They just  do not know how to sleep.

Ummmmmmmm wait.

You’re telling me that my baby who will brush his hand over his eyes non stop when he is on the verge of falling asleep, over and over he rubs his little hand over his mouth knocking his pacifier out so he can just stay awake for one more minute is not fighting his sleep, but rather I haven’t taught him how to sleep?


I have sleep routines set up with these kids the minute they are out of the womb.

We do the whole night is night day is day.

They get a sleep routine before they can even see clearly.

They know when it is time for sleeping.

I like to think I am just too damn fabulous, and the thought of sleeping and being away from me is just too much for them to handle.

The boys have been the worst.

Well OG was way worse than Last Baby, because with OG I had no idea what I was doing, and I had the worst time post partum with him. He cried a lot more than any of the other kids.

Sorry kid.

Last Baby caught a break. I already had a baby like him so I know whats up.

I know when those eyes are rolling in the back of his head, his legs are twitching and his little hand stretches his woombie over his ears to rub, rub, rub until he is awake for just one more second.

I sit there and smell his neck, rub his sort of bald little head and hold him tight.

I let him fall asleep in his own crib for his long nap, but he wakes up thirty minutes later, and I escort him into my room for a little mid day snuggle.

Once he has fallen asleep I plug in the monitor and go about my day.

OG was the same, except if we woke up in my bed without me he would freak out.

For 4 years OG and I napped in my bed together never closer then a butt snuggle.

The kid was not a toucher from birth.

I blame the C section that robbed us of that first moment of skin to skin, but I guess I would rather blame myself for my ignorance then think the kid was actually born an anti snuggler.

I read a lot of books during nap time. Sometimes I would escape for thirty minutes to do a chore, but I was always sure to be back in time for the next sleep cycle.

OG was the worst sleep fighter ever. The kid would rather of cried for hours then sleep.

I used to lose my mind.

For his first nap I would have to rock him so hard in his bouncy seat. I was sure I was shaking his brain loose.

If we tried to go out in the car during nap time I would have to sit back there and shake the car seat.

Those babies that fall asleep anywhere are a complete mystery to me.

Lady Baby who was not a sleep fighter at all still would never fall asleep randomly.

She would only sleep with her designated nap time routine, but I could take a random day to do her routine at the lake in the summer without an issue.

The boys…. Forget it.

Not happening.

I would love for this Doctor to come and study my babies, and if I am wrong and sleep fighting babies do not exist maybe he can  let me know what I can do to get a baby who will fall asleep in his highchair while eating.





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