These are the Days of My Life.

homedayshomedaysMy favorite days are the days when we don’t leave the house.

When we all stay in our pajamas, and if we need to change due to a science experiment going a bit bonkers  we just change into more pajamas.

There is in hour in time where the costumes burst out of their toy chest.

A chase ensues around the living room.

The days where we break out the mixer to make experiments not snacks.

Today we played with DIY moon sand.

Orange food coloring pushed onto flour, mixed with baby oil.

Crumbles  falling off the island, and burrowing away in the grout of the dirt absorbing kitchen tile floor.

I will find specks of orange for the next week or so.

Melissa and Doug Wooden blocks scatter all over the living room floor.

Lady Baby hides legos in her pretend kitchen for at least thirty minutes.

Babies learn that when you roll over on blocks you are going to get stuck.

The hampers are pretty empty, and the bathroom is still pretty clean.

The cherished one hour when both the babies are asleep at the same time.

I might be able to steal a half hour to read a book, or take a shower.

Not much is happening, but so much is going on.

These boring home days are my favorite.

The ones that will one day blend together.

I  won’t be able to tell you the details of the day.

I will hold a picture of a little Lady Baby playing with moon sand , and only remember how I  felt.

Home days are the ones that make this the best job I have ever had, and not just because I can show up in need of hair products and deodorant.





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