Go the F to Sleep.

babyOh man.

Last Baby has been giving us a run for our money in the sleep department.

The little shit has just been rolling around his crib for first nap, sleeping for an hour and a half for second nap, and getting up every few hours at night.

I have no idea what it is.

It could be a sleep regression.

It could be that he is a demon,sent hear to rob us of our sanity, and sleep.

There is no part of babies I dislike more than when a tiered baby won’t sleep!

If you are tiered then you should go to sleep.


I can handle the fact that he won’t sleep in places people assume a baby would just fall asleep in.

Like the car.

We drove home from a family wedding last weekend in New Hampshire, and he screamed like someone was disemboweling him for an hour of the drive.

Because that is so much more fun than sleeping.

OG was a hard sell in the sleep department. Eventually we found a flow at nap time that included me sleeping with him. I would sneak out when he fell asleep, but would always have to sneak back before his sleep cycle changed.  He would look over for me before he would fall back to sleep.

But, OG was an only child at the time.

Last Baby up until last week would sleep in his crib for an hour.  I would take him into our bed after he woke up in his own crib, and he would sleep for another hour or more some days.

The thing about babies  who are too alert for their own good (AKA: Pain in the ass babies)  is just when you think you know what you’re doing they change the game up.

I went searching of suggestions yesterday.

Dr. Sears tells me to sleep with my baby,take my baby for a car ride, a stroller walk, or wear him for a nap….

Thanks for all that single child advice asshole, really helpful.

I think I just might leave Lady Baby sleeping peacefully in her bed for nap time alone so I can walk the baby to sleep…….

And, no.

I refuse to walk a 7 month old around in the ergo for a nap, which he would not take anyway!

I feel like sleep thief needs a sensory depravation chamber.

Since that is not an option I will load up on lavender tea, and take deep breaths until we ride out this awful sleeping phase.

It would be so much easier to fight this battle if I had an Evil Queen outfit on from Once.

I would feel far less defeated with a high collar, and sleep cursed apple.


evil queen


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