Kittens Make Everything Better.

OG claims to adore football.

He has posters, hats, shirts, foot ball cards for days, and a Nerf football he keeps on his special shelves.

Nothing is cuter then watching him cheer for his Dads favorite football team.

Even if that team is the Miami Dolphins.

Mind you, when a game is actually on he is bored out of his skull fifteen minutes into it.


Tonight The Hubbs was playing Madden with OG for his solo time with Dad.

Just as my heart was overrun with joy my kid opened his mouth and an asshole came out.

You love the little shit monster.

So when he is popping off at the mouth, and acting like the king of fucking everything you don’t immediately think of punching him in the face.

Somedays I do think of whacking him upside the head.

My initial reaction to all of life’s injustices, regardless of how small, is violent.

I like to think it’s because in one of my past lives I was an Arc Angel

Wait till you hear the many ways I would like to wound people who text and drive, or people who let their kids cut the line.

If only I had a fiery sword, and a lack of compassion.

OG can be so selfish it makes my teeth chatter, but he can also be out of this world considerate.

Sometimes he is so sweet it brings tears to my eyes.

So I know he just doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t get why you should never talk to people you love like you’re standing on a pedestal looking down on them.

He doesn’t get why you can’t just boss people around, and make them do what you want.

He reminds me humans are so self serving, and scares me that maybe he’s like that because he learned it at home.

I sat there giving him the stank eye, and then I remembered the golden parenting rule.

 Never take parenting personally.

As he gets older, and more self centered it is a struggle to figure out how you teach him without shame, or threat of hell fire and damnation why he  should be considerate.

This awful attitude has exploded since school started.

Oh transition, always reminding me who has the upper hand in this lifetime.

When life gets new it brings all  the awful parts of people up.

Nervous and Sacred added together is Anxiety.

Creating an environment for King of the Douche bags to take over any of our sweet souls.

The fight to keep my shoulders from making out with my ears is the never ending loop of my life.

When you go to far one way or the other you have to come back to the middle.



I told him maybe he was being so mean, because he was going to fast.

Speeding to nowhere and leaving wreckage on the way.

Since it was bed time I put on some meditations for him. Hoping they would slip into his subconscious reminding him to slow down tomorrow.

If that doesn’t help I will break out the just look at kittens trick.

When ever I feel too uptight to exist, or am watching the Walking Dead to I just troll Pinterest for cute kittens.

It is a fantastic stress reliever.





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