The Meaning of Life Found in Baby Cheeks.

reedbabycheeksI wonder if the gods made baby cheeks pressed against your own feel like magic on purpose?

If they crafted it just so when the day feels the heaviest a soft brush of sleeping baby forehead against your lips can release more tension then an hour of yoga.

There is nothing sweeter than baby.

I am pretty confident one of my missions this life time is to learn to live in the actual moment that is happening.

I tend to multi task just about everything.


The only way I could actually decide that sitting at a computer to write this blog, or my greatest fiction novel of all time, if I ever commit to finishing it was because I had to pump.

I figured since I had to sit for that many times a day I might as well be doing something else too.

No need to waste time.

The other night Last Baby was uncharacteristically fussing pretty early in the night.

I was still doing Lady Baby’s night time ritual, and I could hear Hubbs going in and out of his room.

After we tucked your royal highness queen of toddlerdom in her bed I jumped back in mine with my book clubs book choice this month. I like to grab the blankets and almost hide under them with my kindle.

When Kindles first came out I tried to act like they were Monsanto spraying round up on our food supply, but I soon learned that this little piece of technology was what my reading dreams were made of. Little girl Janika is very jealous of grown up Janika’s kindle.

Back to the point. If there really ever is one.

Hubbs did something very unexpected then. He came in our room with Last Baby.

I sprung up from my kindle to see his fat little baby head sticking out of his woombie that we are still too scared to try and let him sleep without. He handed me the baby and went to his office to make us some money.

I put my handsome man baby in his usual spot in Mamas bed and he smiled so wide it was like someone won him the fluffiest unicorn at the carnival.

I love being the fluffy unicorn!

Those moments are when my mind stops multi tasking, and I remember the mission.

The mission to live in the moment right as it happens and not ten steps ahead of it.

this lifetimes lesson could not be learned unless I was a mother to more then one baby..

Yes maybe the third one who is actually the fourth child was a bit obsessive, but

baby cheeks.



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