Iced Coffee and Perspective

ice cofeeI am sipping a Hazelnut Iced coffee from a  local chain called Brewed Awakenings.

I did not anticipate a delectable flavored coffee today, but The Hubbs thought it wise to bring one home.

Knowing that a sip of artificially flavored caffeine would calm down my urge to run his face over with a Hummer.

This morning Hubbs had to take Uncle Jassy to the Dr. So I was off to do the remainder of the grocery list with the three youngest kids.

After 6 months of having Last Baby around I have mastered the three kids under 6 at the grocery store routine without a problem.

We even self check out.

Lady Baby is the scanner, OG pushes the stuff down the belt, and into the bags,and Last Baby just hangs out in the ergo baby carrier.

Today however we had a slight snag in our routine.

My bank card declined.

Thank the gods for mobile banking.

However,  Want to know what happens while you are transferring money into your account when you have two loose children with no more groceries to occupy their attention?

You end up transferring money, while watching your Lady Baby drop grapes you just paid for all over the floor at the end of the cash wrap.

Of course.

The self check out lady is elderly so the chance that she is going to help you pick those up is non existent.

There you are baby on your chest bent over picking up grapes with your kids thinking of all the brutal ways you could torture your husband.

None of this would have happened if the night before your dear, loving, handsome husband who said

“Hey babe, there is no money in our main account, Do I wait for the check I just deposited to clear, or should I transfer cash?”

His dear wife responded with

“No please transfer money just in case……”

Thanks Babe.

He walked in the house with a coffee and a smile, but I was already over it.

I was reminded by a friend that I should just be grateful I had the money to transfer into the account.

Perspective is a beautiful thing, but Ice coffee doesn’t hurt.


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