WWE Elimination Chamber

Professional Wrestling was the first thing that ever broke my heart. I used to say Hulk Hogan was the first man to break my heart, which is true, but he was playing a role in WWF at the time. I have since given my first heart break honor to the world of professional wrestling. The […]

Learn To Stay

I am practicing this concept I heard on a Pema Chodran book I recently finished listening to. Learn to Stay. For about a year now I have been losing a relationship that was a major piece of my history. For months the wound is still so fresh that when I think about it I feel […]

This Girl Talks Wrestling.

One of the things people find most surprising about me is my adoration for professional wrestling. I was introduced to it by my parents who never missed a PPV, and it just stuck. I mean really every hypothetical famous person fantasy I have ever had centers around me as wrestler.  Her name is Faith, and […]

Hulkamania Cannot be Erased.

Hulk Hogan was my first love. When I was eight I cried for about an hour in the bathtub after he Lost to The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania  6. Right  before he left to go make that terrible Nanny movie. I quickly rebounded onto the Undertaker, and when I think about my favorite Wrestler growing […]

Man Crush Monday: Jeff Hardy

I grew up a hard core WWE fan. I have fallen off the wagon here and there in my life. One of those times was middle school so I missed the beginning of the attitude era. This causes me great heart ache now as I can barely sit through whatever bullshit foo foo era we […]

Randy Orton.

              [fruitful_sep] Oh, Wrestling. Most girls look at me like I have lost my mind when I can dive into conversation about the world of Sports entertainment, but really what is there not to like? Mostly hot men jumping around half naked = YUMMY No other sport gives you […]