People Without Kids.

There are two different kinds of people without kids. Assholes, and non assholes. I respect peoples choices to not have children. Children are not for everyone. HOWEVER, Allow me to share with you something in the clearest way possible. Until you have kids You don’t know shit about life with kids. I would love to […]

Go the F to Sleep.

Oh man. Last Baby has been giving us a run for our money in the sleep department. The little shit has just been rolling around his crib for first nap, sleeping for an hour and a half for second nap, and getting up every few hours at night. I have no idea what it is. […]

These are the Days of My Life.

My favorite days are the days when we don’t leave the house. When we all stay in our pajamas, and if we need to change due to a science experiment going a bit bonkers  we just change into more pajamas. There is in hour in time where the costumes burst out of their toy chest. […]

Sleep Fighters are a Real Thing.

 I read an article once that said babies do not fight sleep. It was a real life Doctor who said this. He said that babies do not fight sleep. They just  do not know how to sleep. Ummmmmmmm wait. You’re telling me that my baby who will brush his hand over his eyes non stop […]

The End of the Baby Era.

Im sitting here looking at my calendar. May 21 circled and looming.  Causing my stomach to flip. That’s it. That’s the day that we are done having babies.   Hubbs is going in for his vasectomy. A quick 15 minute procedure will put a period at the end of our baby making sentence.   On […]