Sometimes You Have to let the Sticky Spots be, Even When They Get Crusty.

imperfect I have been up for 15 hours, and I am ready for my bed.

My eyes are heavy, and my shoulders are begging me to go to sleep, but a girl has to pump.

Today was also fantastic.

I completed most of the weeks blog posts, did not yell one time at my children, snuggled a chunk a dunk little man baby, watched two episodes of My Little Ponies with OG and Lady Baby while reading a new book,  had two of my favorite not my kids come over for a bit, Girl not my kid sat at the dining room table and helped me make lists for my upcoming birthday fiesta, I got alone time to indulge in Some 30 minute meals while watching Last Baby roll around on the floor getting ready to make his first moves, OG read us an entire Pete the Cat book, and I even snuck in a few breathy hot kisses with the Hubbs.

On paper it was a perfect day.

But, there is always an unsatisfied customer out there isn’t there?

All the Janikas who think today might have been perfect, if only we had gotten to do the things they keep telling me we need to.

The table is dirty that I am typing on.

Need to clean everything all the time Janika is going bat shit crazy staring at this spot in front of me that has got a nice crusted over circle of sticky shit that a 6 year old whose chore it is to clean, could not ever figure out how to remove.

There is a list of shopping supplies that I need to go to the party store to buy.

Like My Little Pony birthday hats, and camping rubber duckies, because mixing themes is perfectly acceptable when it comes to a girls thirty third birthday party.

Logistical Janika is looking over at the family bill binder that is bursted over with bills I stuffed in there haphazardly. The binder itself is partially hidden under an unorganized  command center. The captains chair of my life. Making her even more crazy. I’m pretty sure she is making my eye twitch every time I glance over that way.

I hear her telling me it is now August 4 Ma’am, and the Target bill is about to be late.

And how do we expect to be our efficient self with a command center that looks like a war zone!?

Chef Janika is telling me our kitchen and fridge are a disgrace, and in in no way set up to prepare star quality dishes to unworthy children tomorrow.

Adolescent Janika keeps reminding me about all those clothes we shoved into our walk in closet when the insurance adjuster came over this Saturday. The day I had planned to do all these chores, but instead came down with some atrocious bug that left me only enough energy  to not eat a child, and clean the toilet.

And  last but not least,little kid Janika keeps hinting about the new book we just bought that said it would only take 4 hours to read………

I hear them all the time whizzing around up there in my head.

But sometimes you just got to tell yourself to shut up already.

Because today was a perfect day, and I am not doing a damn thing about that sticky spot, or party hats, or dirty kitchens, or closets ready to vomit clothing.

I guess I will pay the target bill, because late fees are a debbie downer,  but I am not doing a thing to tidy up the rest of that shit over there tonight,and hopefully my kindle will die before I get back to the bedroom so I do not spend the next 4 hours reading that new book!


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