Preschool at Home: week 2

This week has not been one that I would consider to be my shining glory. I am cranky, and sleepy, and not in the mood at all to talk to anyone, let alone perk up enough to have some toddler fun. It is one of those tough shit this is your job kind of weeks. So, we march on.

I was supposed to set myself up for a successful day of activities on Tuesday night, but instead I went to sleep at 7:30pm. Oopsie.  Wednesday morning came around and my house was a hot mess, Hubbs was leaving at 8am and I had nothing done. No lunches packed, no morning work printed, not even a clean counter. I took a walk anyway knowing that it would benefit me to get out in the morning air, and made a very large steaming cup of lavender tea and faced the day.

Once the big kids got on the bus Lady baby and I resorted to some of my go to activities. First up STICKERS!


I LOVE STICKERS. love them.  At Christmas time I subscribed to a place called Pipstics. Oh My Lord Baby Jesus! It was the best present I could have ever bought myself.  Every a month a pack of sticker fun lands in my mailbox! The best part is they give you postcards with pre paid postage. It not only made me jump for joy every month, but reminded me to be thoughtful and send me friends a card or two. You can gather that I have a shit ton of stickers now, and like every little girl who grew up in the Lisa Frank Era I hate to use them!

I tell Lady Baby to pick a color of construction paper. She always picks pink, and we begin sticking away. This activity helps with her motor skills. Stickers are little and getting them on the paper is not an easy feat for toddler hands.  We also talk about colors.

photo (4)Next up we went on the porch for a little play dough action. Have you read my DIY play dough recipe? No? well here you go. We use play dough mats that require us to feed some kind of hungry animal. I always ask her to pick a color and then we count how much food we are giving said hungry creature. I also have this awesome Cookie Monster who eats play dough food and then it comes out of his backside! In my family we are obsessed with poop so this always leads to countless minutes of laughter.

Finally we hit up the computer for ABC Mouse.  I have been a subscriber for years now. OG Baby and I had some fun with this until he got to smart for it. Now Lady Baby and I work on our learning path and feed our fish.

It was not the day I wanted, but it turned out alright. I even got a few loads of laundry done.



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