God Has No Religion.

I was raised in the Catholic Church by Portuguese immigrants. You may wonder why the Portuguese immigrant part makes a difference. Well, here is just one example for you. My Grandmother had the Holy Spirit come to her house yearly. He comes in the form of a crown and scepter. He is placed in the […]

How to Deal with The Polar Vortex in Your Life.

“8 Toxic People to Remove From Your Life.”  I can save you the trouble of reading it and let you know the count down. 1. Judgmental people 2. Envious people 3. Control Freaks 4. Arrogant People 5. People who love to be the Victim 6. Negative Nancies 7. Liars 8. Gossipers. Now these articles get […]

People Without Kids.

There are two different kinds of people without kids. Assholes, and non assholes. I respect peoples choices to not have children. Children are not for everyone. HOWEVER, Allow me to share with you something in the clearest way possible. Until you have kids You don’t know shit about life with kids. I would love to […]

Real Wedding Advice.

So many of my loves are getting engaged.I went in search of my engagement ring from the rush of nostalgia it has all brought on. In a week or so I will celebrate my 8th marriage anniversary.I know to all the 15 plus year people you are rolling your eyes, like” Ohhh 8 years what […]

Yep. I Went There. “Police Brutality”

Yesterday a friend came over and  we were sitting on my sofa chatting about life. She asked me what I thought was going on with all these Police brutality cases. I try really hard not to watch the news especially the ones with videos of some poor woman’s child being murdered, so when my friend […]