Why Questions and Life Lessons.

I learned something very valuable from this years birthday. I learned that blogging is self care. I have this aversion to writing. Like I was always meant to do it, but it seems so scary. I tell myself a million excuses as to why I just can’t simply sit down and write. I have no time. […]

3 EASY Shape Activities for Young Toddlers.

I hate when I google whatever topic I want to do this week and then add the word Toddler.  For some reason the word toddler is just tossed around freely. The ideas are either way too old for a toddler closer to two, or way to preparation intensive. I do not always have time to […]

Preschool at Home: week 2

This week has not been one that I would consider to be my shining glory. I am cranky, and sleepy, and not in the mood at all to talk to anyone, let alone perk up enough to have some toddler fun. It is one of those tough shit this is your job kind of weeks. […]

Preschool at home: Week 1

I have been calling around to local daycares lately for Lady Baby. I am selfish and want to squish  Last Baby all day and watch Game of Thrones. However, the going rate of 620 dollars a month for two half days is a no thank you stop being lazy Janika. Instead I have decided to […]

FREE Preschool Worksheet

How can one think of blog posting when we have finally been graced with tank top weather here in the East Coast? So to make up for it heres a free download! Last night I went to visit my only child Sister who helped me learn Indesign. Im sharing with you my first ever preschool worksheet! […]