3 EASY Shape Activities for Young Toddlers.

I hate when I google whatever topic I want to do this week and then add the word Toddler.  For some reason the word toddler is just tossed around freely. The ideas are either way too old for a toddler closer to two, or way to preparation intensive. I do not always have time to spend an evening taping shapes to my floor for an activity that will hold her attention for ten minutes. Sometimes you need activities on the fly.

This week in our preschool at home series  I am sharing three very easy and very two year old friendly about shapes.

1. Hamper Shape Toss and Empty:

Today was laundry day, and when we have empty laundry baskets we fill them with balls.

This activity is really easy all you need is a few empty laundry baskets and some scrap paper to cut out shapes. I used a square, triangle,circle and rectangle today. I taped two to a basket and we filled them up, and emptied them out. Once she was bored with those two shapes I  switched them out.

I really just tape on the paper shape nothing fancy.


photo 3 (3) photo 4 (2)








2. Shape Robots

You cut out various shapes, give a toddler some glue and watch her make a mess. During the mess making you talk about what we are using the shapes for. Lady Baby loves to tell me what shapes she is gluing onto her shirt when I’m not paying attention.

photo 2 (4)

3.  Hearts as People

You can use any shape for this craft. I chose Hearts becauseOG baby and I made some back in the day andI figured adding to the population would make me swoon in the future when I am  surrounded by teenagers going through our family art collection.  I am sure Last Baby will add his own to the collection as-well. This activity is kind of shape orientated but really it is about watching a toddlers eyes light up when the figure out how to squeeze glitter out of a glitter tube.

photo 1 (5)

If your baby cakes is closer to three years old  add in my Sort the shape piggy work sheet!

Happy Learning!


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