Astrology has Taught Me.

Astrology has taught me so much but sometimes, being the fool for nostalgia that I am, I like to think of who I was before I started living like astrology was my first language. 

This version of myself is not that far away after all- only five years ago, really. 

Before this I understood very basic astrology. Like I am a leo sun  and we da best.

Mercury goes retrograde blah blah blah, but thats it.

I do vaguely remember this pre astrology woman who  still shows up in my facebook memories,  spouting things that are either spot on, or so cringe, and  I debate deleting those…. 

I mean I am the first one to unfriend a person, and make sure no memories ever resurface again if it can be helped.

I am that un tag yourself in the  post this not your friend anymore posted that comes up in a memory person, but I  don’t block folks. 

Blocking is sketchy  to me unless you are safety afraid. 

I mean when folks choose to block, and not unfollow or unfriend it makes me think they just want to prevent the person they blocked from knowing they are stalking them….

 Anyway, Before astrology I really thought you could change a person, or at least show them the error of their ways.

The example I used above about blocking is perfect.

Back before astrology I might argue this point effervescently trying to prove my theory, and now I don’t bother, because I know some signs totally love block stalking, and would rather be skinned than admit it. 

Of course, sometimes the arguments are more serious, and before Astrology I thought you could reason with people if you just said the right thing.

 I felt that if I could convey enough emotion I could make them see things from the right point of view.

I thought there was a right way to be.

I started getting to know my placements, and the placements of the people around me and it put so many things into a new light for me.

In some cases my irritation towards someone was their natural reaction.

Astrology doesn’t excuse issues, but it sure does explain why someone might react the way they do, or struggle with what they struggle with.

It is always up to each individual person to see this as a hindrance in their life and start working within their chart to deal with it.

We are all hard wired from the start, and then we are tossed into the salad bowl of society and told to conform, or be seen as the dreaded raw broccoli in the salad bowl.

But so many placements can’t do that.

And as the generations continue so many of them can no longer blend in either.

If we continue to tell them they are wrong then  they will  go around feeling wrong and broken,when really they just have this astrology placement running them wild.

Once you know better, you do better.

That’s what astrology did for me.

 It helped love people better

 love myself better

 argue less

 smile more

and stress less.

It helps me defend my children when people ask if my Pisces moon teen should spend so much time in his bed. 

It helps my husband’s Water Moon know that I will love him despite his Aries placements making me crazy.

It helps me when my daughter has gone into mean girl mode and is a rage beast at me to not go at her for being da rudest broad alive.

It helps me know which direction I should take for best results, or which way will lead to the most transformation.

It has helped me forgive.

Astrology has helped me put up boundaries and it has given me a depth of freedom in being a person I didn’t even know could exist. 

Astrology gave me my faith in humanity back after geography had me  losing my religion.

Astrology continues to explain to me why the things in life have had to turn out the way they did, and it also gives me the hope to dream big for the future. 

Astrology has been the most powerful tool in self discovery I have ever had the honor of stumbling across. 


Meet me http://www.thebrightsideri.comto discover how astrology can begin to unwrap your life. 



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