6 Sucks.

Nash sand OG Baby is a pain in the ass.

More of a pain in the ass than he has been since he was a sleep fighting baby.

Most days I find myself constantly telling him to stop doing the same things I have taught him not to do since he was a toddler.

I am in awe of how selfish he is.

Rubbing it in to the other kids faces when he has a birthday party, or special date with his grandpa coming up.

Trying to squirm in front of the person holding a baby carrier and a grocery bag who just opened the door to the house.

My once considerate well mannered preschooler has morphed into a school aged asshole.

At age 6 he once again breaks down into a waterfall of tears over the slightest tinge of embarrassment, he shoves his finger so deep in his nose I’m pretty sure he is itching his eyeballs. He is greedy, and antagonistic.  Pushing Lady Baby to the edge of her toddler patience. He wants her to whack him, and then when she does he comes running into the room to tattle on her.

I do not like 6.

It is one those strange almost ages. Almost a real big kid, but still a little kid.

He is able to go on amusement park rides unsupervised, but is still afraid to go to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night.

His incessant pushing of boundaries, and not listening is making me insane. Most days I have visions of dumping him in the septic tank and walking away.

I have to stop my eyeballs from rolling into the back of my head as I here him telling me with authority that I am wrong, and he is right about some topic he can barley pronounce.

I know this is just the beginning of the times when your kids are so super annoying that you think you may not make it through without facing prison time.

People are haters on the adolescent years.  Your kid turns into the stupidest form of person they will ever be, but at least there annoying asses hide behind smelly closed doors!

6 wants to make you homicidal, and then comes running in your room in the middle of the night with their ratty old stuffed animal to snuggle.

6 sucks dirty ass.





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