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 When I found out I was having a daughter I was slightly horrified. The word Teenager looming over my head like an anvil waiting for the perfect time to fall down and crush me.

Time went on, and  I started to let my teenage dread fall to the side.

I was going to have a daughter. A girl baby.

When Lady Baby was born I was officially over the moon. I had a Daughter. There was a little girl in this world who would grow up into a woman with me as her Mother.

I handed her a Buffy The Vampire Slayer doll, put a big daisy headband on her head, and bundled her up in a fuzzy pink leopard car seat. wren and buffy

Lady baby is almost 2.5 years old. If you do not have kids you will be annoyed that I mentioned the half, but it matters in toddlers. You see a big  difference in personality in those short 6 months.

She is a serious girl. She loves accessories, and pretty dresses, and she will have those things on while she is chasing frogs through the muddy backyard.

Having a girl is my favorite.

I consider myself slightly sexist.

I can’t use the term feminist, because feminism is about equality, and I think girls have a slight edge over boys.

How it has been so backwards all these years is a mystery.

A friend asked me how I would feel if one of the kids was transgendered. I told her if it was Lady baby I would be silently heart broken. Not openly, because that isn’t fair, but

My GIRL!!!!!!

If it were one of the boys I would just buy them lots of leopard stuff as a gift, and beg to choose their new girl name.


I feel honored to have a daughter.

The biggest role model in a child’s life is the same sex parent. She will learn how to be a girl from watching me.

I am a role model.

I am so excited to show her the world of girl.

Don’t get me wrong I show the boys the world of girl too. I make them sit through My Little Pony and toss glitter on everything, but with a 6 and 13 year old I get a lot of grunting, and eye rolls.

I know I mold their understanding of girls, but it is not the same.

I get to walk Lady Baby down the road of Girldom. Once we get to Tween Tunnel I will let go of her hand, and watch her maneuver the Sea of Stupidity in Adolescence Valley, and then I get to pick her up on the other side of it all, and walk beside her as she turns into a grown up woman.

I am glad my Lady Baby is a middle child. She is my only girl. So when I tell her she is Mamas favorite girl no one can be jealous, and she still gets the shaft of being in the middle so it keeps the boys less jealous.

They are still  jealous  of coarse, because being a girl is the shit.



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