What Can I Do?

It is an interesting time to be an American. A place where past, and present no longer correlate. The rips in the picture far too deep for me to look away from. The instructions I received on how to thrive here are not exactly working for me. I do not want to follow this path laid out by my parents, or any other suburban examples of keeping up with Jones’s.

That makes me feel like such a brat, and I think if I think like that, I better get more luxurious luxuries.  There will always be social problems for me to cry about, I would like to do this problem solving from the comfort of whatever I want my comfort to look like.

The times they are a changin.  The old people are getting too old, and the young people are too young, and somehow my generation of non-categorical stature, not millennials, but not generation x. This last generation of kids to graduate high school without cell phones, who grew up on Jem, Darkwing Duck, Hulk Hogan, and 90’s hip hop are now the Grown Ups.

I see so much work ahead that needs to be done, and the worst part of it for me is, even if I make a dent in the world’s problems, it will not change everyone.

So, what can I do, right now?

I can’t quite get a grasp on it, so I have been watching every single Sasha Banks Match since she lost to Charlotte Flair at Road Block, because I like to torture myself into thinking I will find the reason that I am watching her get buried every week. Wondering why I feel the same way, and thinking if I can just think on that, and getting my Sims to work every day then I can out run the building responsibility I feel to show up for the world.

I live every day, defeated, broken hearted for the state of humanity. Borderline afraid for my physical safety to leave the house, because people be cray.

“Oh Janika, that sounds like a bit much?”

Well, I have always been a bit much. It’s a gift, you’re welcome.

I live in a time where people go out buying coffee for one another, in this grand pay it forward gesture from places contributing to the problems killing our very own planet, on their way to places killing their very own souls, so they can buy things for the houses they have no time to live in.

They say that’s kindness, but resisting the urge to use a cell phone while DRIVING A CAR doesn’t even register as common courtesy these days.

I am trying to do the best I can with every single choice that comes my way.

There is a real culture problem in this country. Just saying that makes me feel ancient old, and I have no idea how it will get fixed, but I do know I am going to do my best with this one precious life I was gifted, to do my part.

I am going to follow my integrity, because when I play pretend it mostly includes sexy dudes.

I will stay accountable, because I know I can make a difference just by being myself.

Adventure awaits.

Glitter up Buttercups. <3


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